Christie Vetoes TAJ ‘Shut Down Bill’ Supported by Brown, Whelan & Mazzeo

NJ Governor Chris Christie smacked down proposed legislation that would have kept the Taj Mahal Casino shuttered for 5 years. The local jobs market cheered at the announcement.

Christie called the bill “a transparent attempt to punish the owner of the Taj Mahal casino” for cutting his losses, after months of union picketing at his Boardwalk doorsteps.

Owner Carl Icahn was forced to close TAJ MAHAL casino doors this past summer. Union chief Bob McDevitt and Local 54 effectively killed the TAJ business via picketing, in July & August of 2016. It was  game of chicken where everybody lost.

Adding insult to injury, legislation was drafted to empower union heads, but keep thousands of casino employees out of work.

S-2575/A-4187 (Sweeney, Whelan/Burzichelli) – ABSOLUTE – Disqualifies casino license applicant for five-year period if person substantially closed casino property in State; revokes license; reinstates license eligibility under certain circumstances

NOTE: Legislation to keep TAJ closed for 5 years was  proposed by Senators Sweeney, Whelan & Burzichelli. It was supported by Assemblymen Chris Brown & Vince Mazzeo.



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  1. those 4 politicians need to be tarred and feathered for cowtowing to the racketeering Union heads, who have their jobs while there sheep union workers suffer with unemployment because of their unreasonable demands. If Mcdevitt so smart he would crowd fund the purchase of the Taj and get those workers their jobs back. but we know that won’t happen.

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