Chronic Truth for Budding Atlantic City Marijuana Moguls

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Atlantic City’s GREEN Mayor; Frank Gilliam.

Another vote is on the way for legal weed in New Jersey. Legislation to legalize recreational marijuana.

Cultivation. Production. Retail. The whole enchilada.

Recreational marijuana. Another so-called ‘game changer’ for Atlantic City? A change, sure. Not necessarily for the better, though.

Locals won’t really benefit from sports and online betting either.

Watch video below. Joe Rogan interviews B-Real from the weed inspired, hip-hop group, Cypress Hill.

Corporations Trying to Control Weed

Cypress Hill were pioneers in the world of mixing music and weed. Often featured in High Times magazine. The business of weed.

Pro & cons of legal weed in New Jersey.

Cannabis will be highly taxed by the state. Much cheaper to buy weed on the corner.

The state and myriad corporate entities will step into control most, if not all, of this cash cow.

Decriminalization & expunged criminal records will have ramifications. Not all good. The black market will thrive.

Corporate will control. Local, green entrepreneurs in AC will be an uphill climb.

Will legal weed transform the life of an average Atlantic City citizen? How about those NOT connected to casinos? Or those living outside the tourism district?

Murphy & Big Frank.

NJ Gov Christie selfishly held back medical marijuana for years. Pharma companies appreciated it. Suffering patients did not.

Now, NJ Gov Murphy wants to do a complete 180. He’s all in of for legal weed.

Murphy wants NJ to be the most pro-pot state in the country. Even though it’s still illegal at the federal level.

Big Murph wants to release any incarcerated drug dealer that kept their weed deals to under 5 lbs. Damn. That’s still a shitload of weed.


The neighboring towns of Brigantine, Ventnor and Margate won’t offer pot shops. That doesn’t mean these shore towns won’t be affected by the cheap and plentiful pot right next door in AC.


10 states and Washington, DC have already legalized marijuana. Others have decriminalized the drug. States like Ohio and Arizona are pushing for legalization soon.


When Californians voted in 2016 to allow the sale of recreational marijuana, advocates of the move envisioned thousands of pot shops and cannabis farms obtaining state licenses, making the drug easily available to all adults within a short drive.

But as the first year of licensed sales comes to a close, California’s legal market hasn’t performed as state officials and the cannabis industry had hoped.

Retailers and growers say they’ve been stunted by complex regulations, high taxes and decisions by most cities to ban cannabis shops.

Some residents are fighting pot businesses they see as nuisances. Police are raising concerns about crime triggered by the marijuana trade.

California Weed Woes


Legal Pot Sales Fall Short of Expectations in California

State officials predicted legal cannabis would bring in $1 billion a year. But with cities banning pot sales, tax revenue is falling far short of estimates.

  • Less than 20% of cities in California allow retail shops to sell cannabis for recreational use.
  • California cities that allow cannabis sales include Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and San Diego.


Why does Murphy want to expand medical marijuana?

Currently, only 6 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are operating in New Jersey. Another six are delayed for opening, tied up in court litigation.

NJ Medical Marijuana

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