Ciattarelli: Gov Murphy’s LGBTQ Curriculum for School Kids ‘Goes Too Far’.

When elected the next Governor of New Jersey, Jack Ciattarelli says he’ll roll back the controversial LGBTQ curriculum spreading through the state’s elementary schools.

Ciattarelli: Teaching gender ID and sexual orientation to kindergarteners. Teaching sodomy to 6th graders. The current LGBTQ curriculum “goes too far”.

During a campaign appearance in Flemington, NJ, Ciattarelli said: “You won’t have to deal with this when I’m governor.”

Parents fed up. Some school boards actually facing recall.

Parents, many of whom typically vote Democrat, quietly agree with Ciattarelli.

Ciattarelli clarified: He supports the LGBTQ community. ‘Who you love is no business of your Government, but extremists like Governor Murphy are infringing on the rights of parents to educate their children about life’s most personal and intimate topics – and then trying to shame them when they dare speak up.’

Ciattarelli supports “diversity, inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for others”. But we should not be “pushing explicit subjects in elementary school classrooms.”

Love is love, and who you love is no business of your Governor. And resources should be made available to students who want to understand themselves as they grow into adults.

We should not, however, encourage the abdication of parenting or expect teachers to replace parents.

Let me be clear, as Governor, nothing we do or teach in our public schools will ever supplant the role and responsibility of parents.

Jack Ciattarelli

Mature, adult topics like transgender lifestyle, sex-change, adult sexual practices and abortion are increasingly being taught at lower elementary grade levels without parent awareness, approval or input.

NJ Gov Murphy, Assemblyman Mazzeo and Atlantic City Mayor Small support biological males competing against biological females. That’s a fact garnering minimal media attention.

Murphy, Mazzeo and Small believe a grown man who identifies as a woman, can use a ladies bathroom.

Public Comment: Let me get this straight, a biological male can use the same locker room as my mother, sister, daughter or wife? A so-called ‘transgender woman’ can also expose himself inside a woman’s spa? Shame on you, Mayor Marty Small.

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  1. Governor Murphy supports men in woman’s bathrooms? Look like white privilege to me. Afro community will not stand for that.

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