Civil Rights & Black Lives Matter Journalist at Stockton University

Stockton University will host Civil-rights and social justice activist Shaun King, Oct 10, 2:30pm.

He’ll be the guest speaker: “The New Civil Rights Movement in the Age of Social Media.” Mahalia Bazile, president of United Black Students Society, said King represents young activism. King is a journalist who has extensively covered social-justice issues, especially the Black Lives Matter movement.

2:30 p.m. Oct. 10 at The Performing Arts Center at Stockton University in Galloway Township. Free Admission.


King grew up in Versailles, Kentucky. He was raised by his white mother and white adoptive father, Jeffrey King. King grew up believing what she later confirmed to him: that his biological father was a light-skinned black man. According to a local police detective, those who knew him were aware of his biracial heritage: “Anyone from around here who knew him knew he was mixed”.


King has written extensively about incidents in the Black Lives Matter movement, gaining prominence during the events following the shooting of Michael Brown. King wrote an article analyzing the Brown crime scene, and argued that the evidence suggested that officer Darren Wilson’s life was not in danger during the shooting.

King became a contributing blogger for the politically liberal website the Daily Kos in September 2014.  His contributions to the website have focused on civil rights, violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and Charleston, South Carolina, as well as allegations of police brutality, especially toward the black community.  In August 2015, he launched Justice Together, an organization to identify police brutality and lobby local politicians for change. To the surprise of many of the group’s members, King unilaterally disbanded the organization in the fall of 2016.

  • Maria Alejandra says:


    It is a pleasure to contact you, I present myself as Maria Alejandra Reyes, a 16 year old girl from Bucaramanga, Colombia. Due to the Venezuelan situation my society is passing to, my friends and me are trying to create a campaign in which equality among different races and cultures might be promoted. I have seen how Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S. has experienced a series of outcomes throughout the years and I completely admire the movement. In order for this, the purpose of this email is, by reading your feedback, be more informed about the obstacles this had and how they overcame them.