How MGM dominates east coast.

MGM just opened its $1.4 billion casino at National Harbor in Maryland. An easy ride right down I-95. It’s Maryland’s sixth casino. Overlooking the Potomac River, MGM Inner Harbor created 4,000 new jobs. Many laid off casinos workers from AC, left town to grab those shiny new jobs.

Casino Over-saturation Along The East Coast

From Pennsylvania to Massachusetts, there are dozens of Casinos. Seven more casinos will open by the end of 2018. Experts say opening more casinos doesn’t create more gamblers.

The Casino industry is undergoing a major demographic change too. Millennials and those under 55 are largely un-impressed with old-school slot machines.

States are cannibalizing each other’s gambling business. Atlantic City has been clobbered by casino expansion in Pennsylvania and gaming expansion in Maryland.

A pattern of deterioration has emerged in regards to tax revenue. The more gambling expands, the more likely gains will be eroded due to competition.


  • Intense regional competition. Hard-to-please millennials. 35-and-younger demos prefer non-gaming activities.
  • Skills-based gaming is being tried In Atlantic City. Jury is still out on that experiment. Early results are tepid at best.