Conference Biz Helping Casinos & Marina District, But Not City?

‘Conferences & conventions will help transform Atlantic City’. That’s what local politicians & media pundits have been saying for years. Sounds good…but in practice, it’s doesn’t seem to be working….yet.

The following is a MUST READ from….something you WON’T read about in the local newspaper. The team at RTforty are cranking out some excellent ‘watchdog’ journalism.

Boardwalk Hall, Convention Biz Falls as Casinos Take More of the Meeting Pie.

Remember these recent headlines? Meet AC Reports A Record Year. Well, that was true. But actually, it was a great year for the casinos and hotels, not so much for the Convention Center. Meet AC is the org designated to promote & sell Atlantic City as a great place for conferences & conventions.

Many CONFERENCES are only boosting MARINA DISTRICT properties.

Atlantic City gets little ‘trickle down’ effect from expensive Marina District casino expansions. (Harrahs Conference Center)

Atlantic City conference attendees not likely visit Boardwalk or contribute much to the local economy.

‘MEET AC’ not in favor of $2 TAX to help fund POLICE & FIRE. Meet AC execs claim a $2 tax on hotel rooms would hurt conference business. Proponents of $2 tax say public safety must come first, in order to drive conference & tourism economy.