Congressional Candidate Grossman Fears Atlantic City Train Line Will Close Permanently

Seth Grossman Congress
Congressional Candidate Grossman

Republican candidate for Congress, Seth Grossman, blasted State Government and NJ Senator Jeff Van Drew for the current catastrophe surrounding the soon-to-close rail line between Atlantic City and Philadelphia.

Grossman says it’s not just a safety equipment install, but rather, an example of gross mismanagement by state government and NJ Transit.

Grossman anticipates that the so-called ‘temporary closing’ will lead to a massive loss of ridership when/if it ever returns.

NJ Government will use the temporary shutdown and ridership loss as an excuse to shut down the line permanently.

“State government has been mismanaging NJ Transit for years and misusing its funding in the process. NJ Transit essentially is bankrupt, and once they see the Atlantic City ridership has declined to next to nothing after the temporary closing, they will close the line for good, and as a state senator, Van Drew is part of the blame,” Grossman said. “Once the train riders have to find alternative transportation to work, do you think they’re really coming back?”

Grossman blames Van Drew and Trenton insiders for creating NJ Transit’s problem for past 15 years.

Jeff Van Drew Socialist
Van Drew Under Fire for Transit Chaos

“The closing of the AC rail line is just the tip of the iceberg. The total collapse of NJ Transit throughout New Jersey is imminent unless drastic action is taken,” Grossman said.  “Although Governors and Legislative committees have identified the obvious problems of NJ Transit since 2003, they did nothing about them. State government running NJ Transit is yet another socialist experiment that has failed.”

According to Grossman, this year, taxpayers will bail out NJ Transit’s $332 million deficit with higher gas taxes, tolls, and surcharges added to electric bills. Even worse, NJ Transit plans to burn up $511 million of money intended for new equipment and improvements as operating expenses. Recent train crashes have forced the Federal government to mandate the installation of safety equipment.

“The closing of the Atlantic City rail line is a direct result of the fatal NJ Transit train crash in Hoboken two years ago, coupled with the deadly Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia in 2015, and the Hoboken crash was caused by problems every Trenton politician was warned about 15 years ago,” Grossman said.

Grossman explained that every Governor since Democrat Jim McGreevey in 2003 has pointed out the problems with NJ Transit, and now politics and mismanagement have brought the rail line to the brink of total collapse.

“All of the problems which led to the fatal train crash in Hoboken two years ago and shutting down the Atlantic City rail line were well known to Van Drew and the entire Trenton political establishment 15 years ago, when Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey issued a report on the problems. For Van Drew to begin political posturing without mentioning his own responsibility for creating this mess during the past 15 years is ridiculous,” Grossman said.

Grossman’s not the only one calling out state leadership. “There is absolutely no hiding the fact that New Jersey Transit is outright lying to the public. I will not mince words or sugar coat the situation.” ~ by NorEasterNick

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