Congressman Van Drew Calls out Kennedy’s ‘Defunding of Police’ Statement.

Watch Van Drew & Kennedy Debate Video.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew debated school teacher Amy Kennedy on Thursday night, Oct 8. Both looking to represent the 2nd Congressional district of New Jersey.

Van Drew does not support defunding police. Says they need MORE funding and support, not less. They risk their lives for all of us. Kennedy stood firm. The Brigantine resident says there was merit in discussing how we provide funding to police and how we can reallocate funds to make healthy communities.

Kennedy has often talked about reallocating police funds to social services and affordable housing.

Defunding of police is risky and dangerous.

Ex: Atlantic City has seen crime and murder rise dramatically since the downsizing of ACPD and the increase of social services.

Supporters of well-funded Kennedy admit that if elected, she’ll be highly encouraged to support agenda of House leader, Nancy Pelosi. According to JVD, this is why he left the Democrat party and became a moderate Republican.

Kennedy not happy being accused of being liberal elitist with radical ties.

• Release of federal prisoners. Murder, rape, violent offenders.
• Funding and support for illegal and undocumented immigrants
• Green New Deal
• Open borders. Sanctuary cities and states.
• Banning of personal firearms.
• Late-term and live-birth abortion.
• Transgender men playing women’s sports.
• Transgender bathroom controversy. Biological males using ladies room.
• Vote-by-mail fraud and ballot harvesting
• Covid-19 infections & deaths inside NJ nursing homes.

JVD Quotable: “I believe in helping states, but they should be held accountable for irresponsible budgeting practices. The expenses they have due to the Covid absolutely should be covered, but we shouldn’t just bail them out.”

Van Drew: “people voted for me because of who he is and not a party label. My whole career is based upon the fact that I wasn’t so concerned about Republicans and Democrats. I was concerned about standing up for South Jersey”.

Kennedy has never held public office. She is married to husband Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy says systemic racism is not about racist people, but more needs to be done to eliminate racist policies and institutions.

People say they need more police. They don’t feel safe. “They want more policing, not less”.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew

Kennedy is pro-choice, whereas Van Drew doesn’t support late-term or live-birth abortions. Van Drew doesn’t want federal funding for abortions. JVD only supports abortion if mother’s life is at risk, rape or incest.

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