Congressman Van Drew Joins Team MAGA, Gets Trump Endorsement

Democrats just LOST one of their biggest supporters. Jeff Van Drew. That’s what popular, online journalist Tim Pool, reports in a recent YouTube episode.

Van Drew’s voting record shows that he’s clearly a Democrat. Voted against Trump initiatives most of the time. Except for Impeachment. And for that, JVD is forced to take the Red Pill, and become a Republican.

Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew didn’t like being bullied by Mike Sulimon, the Atlantic County Democrat leader.

Even though JVD often voted AGAINST the President….Sulimon demanded that JVD ‘get in line with Nancy Pelosi’ and vote to impeach. Van Drew said no.

A few days later, Van Drew switches party. JVD takes the Red Pill. Buys a MAGA hat and becomes Republican, pledging loyalty to the Commander in Chief. #45.

In return, Trump will endorse Jeff Van Drew in effort to keep Republican control of 2nd District NJ, South Jersey Congressional seat.

Note: Did South Jersey Dems make big mistake by ganging up on JVD? Losing moderate Blue Dog JVD and that 2D seat, is not a good thing for Dems.

Remember: Former NJ Republican Congressman Frank Lobiondo (no fan of Trump) made it easy for Dems to win (after 24 yrs) that South Jersey Congressional seat.

LoBiondo did nothing to protect that seat. Was LoBiondo a closet, never-Trumper? A RINO? (Republican in Name Only)

And how about all that wasted Callaway cash?

Atlantic County Democrat leader, Mike Sulimon. His job is not an easy one, recently losing trust & respect from AC’s #1 election manipulators; The Callaway Crew.

It’s true. South Jersey Republican Party leadership is nothing to write home about. Dems are equally mismanaged here in South Jersey, too.

Both parties in need of serious house cleaning at the very top.

Van Drew typically supported most of Pelosi policy agenda. Social Justice talking points. Planned Parenthood, NRA.

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