Corruption & Discrimination? Mayor Small, MUA & Atlantic City Water Company.

Atlantic City Water Company Bruce Ward MUA
Bruce Ward under fire. Again.

Deep-seated corruption inside the MUA and municipal government of Atlantic City. So says Bob McDevitt of the Local 54 union.

McDevitt leading the charge to change the form of Atlantic City Government. Wants to get rid of the ‘Cartel’.

McDevitt says Cartel guarding MUA (Atlantic City Water Company) like a junk yard dog. A forensic audit is needed. Why won’t they open the books?

Will the Atlantic City Water Company / MUA get a new executive director? Will Bruce Ward, socialite Gary Hill and a few other MUA board members be shown the door? Kinda looks that way if you were listening to the Harry Hurley WPG Radio show on the morning of Jan 31, 2020.

Hurley Radio: McDevitt MUA

McDevitt: We need sweeping change. A government that reflects the size of the city, approx. 35,000 residents.

Marty is part of the cartel. He’s working for the state, not city residents.

Corruption at MUA. These are multi-million dollar operations. A great fear someone will open the books.

Marty Small, Gary Hill, Kaleem Shabazz

The Atlantic City Special Election is March 31.

Atlantic City…. and other Jersey shore towns like Brigantine and Margate, are like employment agencies for family & friends.

Bigotry or protecting interests at MUA?

Bruce Ward.

Another call-in guest to the Hurley Radio show was the infamous, Craig Callaway, who accused AC Mayor Marty Small of acting as a NJ State puppet.

Callaway claims AC Mayor Marty Small is not supportive of South Asian community or women of color occupying key City positions.

Roadblocks forming for two Muslim women vetted by AC Council for positions on MUA board.

Is Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small, behind this?

Hurley Radio: Callaway & MUA

Callaway asking NJ Atty General to investigate. Racism. Blatant discrimination. Heads should roll, says Callaway. Sue the State of NJ , DCA, Mayor Small, City Clerk.

Callaway: Mayor made disturbing comments about South Asian community. We want heads to roll.

Will AC Mayor Marty Small get endorsement of AC Democratic committee? ‘Absolutely not’ says Callaway. Small will be rejected in upcoming elections. Small’s days are numbered. He will be soundly rejected.

Marty Loves CRDA

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