Petition: Stockton President Kesselman Mandatory Student Vaccines

Forced Vax at Stockton for Fall 2021.

Nicholas Carlson is a Stockton University Senior. He’s one of many that thinks Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman is wrong about forced, student vaccines.

Here are excerpts from his open letter to Stockton:

On May 5, 2021, I was informed by a concerned student peer about Stockton University’s decision to enforce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for the Fall 2021 semester.

The purpose of this letter isn’t to be anti-vaccine, rather it is to question the university’s choice to forcibly mandate the vaccine in order to continue student enrollment at Stockton University.

Force an experimental vaccine on students body only adds to fear and discomfort.

It is common knowledge that COVID-19 vaccines are experimental, not a single vaccine is FDA approved. Vaccines are only “authorized” by the CDC and FDA for emergency use.

Reverse Stockton University’s Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

Sign the online petition.

There are potential serious side effects that can be attributed from taking this vaccine, as the several deaths from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can attest to.

The university is forcing students to get the vaccine, but only “highly recommending” it to faculty and staff.


The university is deliberately illustrating the action of taking the COVID-19 vaccine to be a glorious act of societal righteousness, even going as far to post an image with the university’s mascot wearing a shirt saying, “Be an Inspiration, Get Vaccinated.”

This is a serious decision that a student should come to their own conclusion on with their family and doctor.

The right to a quality education should not play a role in deciding upon whether a person should receive an emergency vaccination.

I plead with the University and President Kesselman to leave the choice of COVID-19 vaccinations with the individual students and not jeopardize a person’s education over their right to choose not to receive an experimental vaccine.

If you believe Stockton University should reverse the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on its student body, please sign this petition.

Thank you,

Nicholas R. Carlson, Stockton University Senior

Reverse Stockton University’s Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement


Public Comment on Stockton Mandated Vaccine Rules

denise m: Stockton is being hypocritical by not making this mandatory for teachers and staff.

Debby N: You’re violating HIPAA laws. Public education should be available to everyone.

Michelle S: I believe people have the right to choose for themselves whether they want to take this experimental vaccine . My body my choice . No one should be forced to take it. Especially young people who are low risk of dying from Covid and have not had children yet

Maria R My body my choice! My daughter will be a sophomore at Stockton in the Fall and she should have the right to decide if she wants to have an experimental drug injected into her.

Patricia B We do not know the long term effects of this vaccine. This mandate is taking away my daughter’s right to make a choice for her own body. I do not understand how this is legal to mandate the students to take this vaccine.

Pamela Pirone It’s illegal! It’s not FDA approved. How dare these colleges jeopardize the health of our children. Check the out the CDC website and see the horrific side effects and deaths of teenagers after taking the shot! They have no right to do this! My body my right!

Lisa G We should not be forced to take an experimental drug that has had a terrible track record when tested on animals in the past. This vaccine does not protect or prevent you from getting or giving COVID-19 to someone. Taking this should be a personal choice, I believe the Nuremberg law protects us from being forced to take experimental vaccines.

Marguerite P I don’t believe that any university should be mandating this vaccine! It’s not even a vaccine. It’s a gene therapy with no long-term safety record. Students should be given the choice just like faculty and staff are!

Sheila R You don’t get to decide my daughters health now & for the future.

Jean D: You do not have the right to decide what people do with their body. This is ridiculous when the vaccine is classified as for “emergency use”. They do not know the side effects down the line in years to come.

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