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Council Approves Ex-Offender Magnet Program in Atlantic City

Each town should take care of their own ex-offenders. Sounds fair. But, why is Atlantic City taking care of parolees from all over Atlantic County?

Show Notes from NOV 17, 2017: With rising crime, should Atlantic City consider ‘Open Carry’ guns laws in order for citizens to protect themselves? As Gov-elect Murphy moves to legalize North Jersey Casinos and turning NJ into a Sanctuary State, concerned citizens are raising their concerns and fears.

Listen: King Arthur Radio: Frank Talk & AC Councilman Jesse Kurtz

How will parents feel about their kids going to the new Stockton University campus in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City: Ex-Offender Magnet Repels Family Tourism?

We need to take care of our own. Other towns should take care of theirs. Zombie-ville: the name given to neighborhoods surrounding Tennessee Ave. Needle exchanges, free clinics, prostitution, drug rehabs and mental health services, servicing the needs of Atlantic County.

City Council of Atlantic City voted for allowing more ex-offenders to be housed in AC. Many of these half-way houses are located within the CRDA controlled Tourism District.

Council Approves Ex-Offender Magnet Program in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Mayor Elect Gilliam was prime sponsor of this ex-offender bill. AC is at capacity. Currently, these social services are concentrated within Atlantic City and the CRDA controlled Tourism District. The bill creates a magnet. All those who commit crime, serve their time. When they get out, no matter where they’re from in Atlantic County, they come here to Atlantic City.


  • Needle give-aways. Mental health and drug rehab programs.
  • Pacific & Atlantic Avenues need better lighting and tougher police presence.
  • AC is one of 500+ NJ municipalities that are taking the counties ex-offenders, and those struggling with mental health and drug issues.
  • Some criminals are using hollow-point bullets.

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  1. This is a total disgrace. What is wrong with this new mayor and most of city council? We already have too many zombies. If there was any doubt that the wrong person was elected mayor and that most of city council is wrong for this city, this is proof positive. Homeowners need to wise up, wake up and be aware of what is going on. We already have too many people who are in subsidized housing. These offenders are having rent of $800.00 per month paid by taxpayers. Thank God for one sane Councilman, Jesse Kurtz.

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