Council Either Coy or Confused About Cannabis in Atlantic City

City Council of Atlantic City is usually reluctant to provide to detail on how they feel about hot button issues. Most on council prefer to just cast their vote and be done with it.

This doesn’t sit well with former AC mayoral candidate, Henry Hank Green. At Wed. night’s council meeting, Green queried council about legal, adult-use cannabis in Atlantic City. Sensing a wrong answer could affect voter support, council members like ‘Speedy’ Marsh and Marty Small responded with fairly safe answers. We’ll need to take a deeper look. It’s too early in the process to make a statement. 

Residents think that some on Council haven’t a clue about legal weed. They haven’t been adequately following the legal marijuana issue. No wonder some shy away from providing a comprehensive statement about the pros and cons of legal cannabis in AC.

Some on Council have faced increasing accusations of stonewalling and tap-dancing around issues like legal cannabis.

Atlantic City residents fear council simply votes to support fights against political rivals.

In addition to legal cannabis, a majority of Council members have not been forthcoming on a variety of issues affecting the citizens of Atlantic City says Henry Hank Green. He wants Council members to clearly verbalize and document their current positions on things like: legal cannabis, needle exchanges in the Tourism District and why City Council, specifically the Mayor, doesn’t play greater role at the monthly CRDA meetings.

Green, a popular talk show host on WOND Radio (1400 am, Fri 8p-10p) says the CRDA is mostly comprised of board members who don’t live in Atlantic City. That’s a problem. Only one member is African-American, the Mayor. Frank Gilliam typically stays quiet like his predecessor, Don Guardian, in those monthly meetings. Gary Hill is the other Atlantic City resident on the CRDA board. He stays quiet as well. Would like to see Mr. Hill, stick up for AC residents more often at these CRDA meetings.

It’s not surprising the CRDA awards funding that usually, only benefits casinos and state controlled properties like Boardwalk Hall.

Henry Hank Green suggests CRDA may have lost it’s way. These monies should fund projects that reduce taxes and crime, brighten dark streets with better lighting, and boost non-casino business.


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