Council Meets Again to Oust Steve Young from Atlantic City Planning Board

BLM activist, Steve Young, not happy about the special AC council meeting on Friday morning Aug 28 at 10:30. Young faces possible removal from his coveted position on the Atlantic City Planning Board.

AC council members SHABAZZ & RANDOLPH presented the following resolution:

  • Steve Young has been involved in conduct which presents a conflict with his position and the stated mission of the Planning Board
  • Exhibited conduct which was patently inimical to the public interest and to the public trust bestowed upon him by and though his appointment to the Planning and Citizen Review Boards.
  • Such actions justify and compel his removal for cause from both Boards.

Why does Marty Small want Steve Young removed?

Think Steve Young was angry before? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Conflict of Interest. Mr. Young’s participation in and preparation of a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) wherein the Black Men United Coalition group has solicited developers to provide construction contracts and other tangible benefits to the community in exchange for support of developer’s requests for building, zoning and other permits from City officials needed to proceed with the projects. Such offers of consideration and quid pro quo from a member of the Planning Board constitute an ethical breach and are in conflict with the duty of impartiality necessary for the discharge of his Planning Board duties.

Conduct Unbecoming an Official. By his conduct and through social media. Mr. Young, as a protest organizer, encouraged and incited protest participants to shut down Atlantic City and close the Atlantic City Expressway through physical action on July 4. 2020, one of the busiest days of the year, such actions exposing those over which he assumed a measure of control as protest organizer. to a potential risk of physical harm.

BLM Rally in Front of Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

Young is a busy man, gearing up for another (potentially chaotic) BLM & anti-police themed rally. Friday, September 4, 1pm, in front of Boardwalk Hall.

Young plans to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the Boardwalk and wants the nine Atlantic City Casinos to supply the paint for his BLACK LIVES MATTER mural in front of Boardwalk Hall.

Young, an advocate for defunding the police, says ‘we can patrol our own communities.’

AC Mayor Marty Small: “We’re not going to tolerate someone trying to hijack our city when it’s really about him” ‘This isn’t about George Floyd,’ Mayor Small said. “This isn’t about black issues in the city. This is about Steve Young.’ ‘This is a disaster,’ Mayor Small said. ‘You have these thugs going around destroying our great city, destroying businesses that are prepping to open back up.’