Councilman Shabazz Ignores Italian Community in Atlantic City, Removes Columbus Statue

Even though no one complained, Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz took it upon himself to make sure a statue of Christopher Columbus was taken down and removed, at a taxpayer cost of $19,000. Residents not happy about lack of community outreach and improper procedure. Watch video above.

Shabazz faces backlash over racist, anti-Italian sentiment.

Atlantic City Council members Shabazz & Delgado were sure the entire city would be in agreement, even though there was no discussion with both the Italian-American community and the public at large.

PUBIC COMMENT: Even though AC is suffering from a dramatic increase of crime, murder, riots, looting & unemployment, Shabazz found time & money to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus in AC.

AC Councilman Shabazz says ‘Columbus was a rapist, racist & butcher’.

Atlantic City Councilman Shabazz Disrespects Italian Americans.

City Solicitor Tarver provides additional, gory detail in just how horrible Columbus was.

Congrats to Councilman Shabazz for showing how he truly feels about Italians, and American History in Atlantic City.


  1. The county building is corrupt , i worked for Atlantic County Government for 20 yrs. Alot of nepotism going on. The whole darn administration starting from the top need to be cleaned out. I’am referring to 1333 Atlantic Ave.

  2. None of the other councilmen had the balls to vote no. They just listned to this fool Shabazz give false history information, and instead of standing up to him, they all folded like a cheap suit. Remove the Black Lives matter paint off of Ill. ave. in Atlantic City. If you want to talk about a racist radical group that has done more harm then anything this is the group. So remove the damn paint and open up the street again.

  3. Exactly. Well said. AC is moving further into the shithole pile that it won’t be able to get out of. Tourists are no longer interested in coming or staying. Some of that can’t be helped right now (COVID-19), but what can be fixed needs to be or tourists will never return.

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