Councilman Shabazz Ignores Italian Community in Atlantic City, Removes Columbus Statue

Even though no one complained, Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz took it upon himself to make sure a statue of Christopher Columbus was taken down and removed, at a taxpayer cost of $19,000. Residents not happy about lack of community outreach and improper procedure. Watch video above.

Shabazz faces backlash over racist, anti-Italian sentiment.

Atlantic City Council members Shabazz & Delgado were sure the entire city would be in agreement, even though there was no discussion with both the Italian-American community and the public at large.

PUBIC COMMENT: Even though AC is suffering from a dramatic increase of crime, murder, riots, looting & unemployment, Shabazz found time & money to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus in AC.

AC Councilman Shabazz says ‘Columbus was a rapist, racist & butcher’.

Atlantic City Councilman Shabazz Disrespects Italian Americans.

City Solicitor Tarver provides additional, gory detail in just how horrible Columbus was.

Congrats to Councilman Shabazz for showing how he truly feels about Italians, and American History in Atlantic City.


  1. So …. you removed the beloved statute of Christopher Columbus without
    “Due Process” ….!!! …. You became the – Judge – Jury – accuser without any
    supporting documents. May I remind you …… At great risk of crossing
    the Ocean on rickety ships …. Columbus discovered the land that you now
    live in ….!!! I conclude with a biblical verse by Jesus Christ ….!!!
    “Let he who without sin cast the first stone” …… Are any of you councilmen
    without sin of one sort or another ….!!!
    Thanks for your consideration …!!! …… We Italians have loved & respected
    Columbus for hundreds of years respecting his courage & vision …!!!!

  2. During the same council meeting Shabazz ask the CRDA to fund a statue of a black women who spoke in Atlantic City during the Dem. National Convention in the 60;s A women that I would bet could not be named by one black person out of a hundred if asked who she was. He;s a racist .

  3. I ask the city council to remove the name of Martin Luther King from the street signs in Atlantic City and from the school which is located on a street named after him. It has been said by one of his closest friends Ralph Abernathy in his book that King was a adulterer, who even had two affairs the night before he was killed, and that he was present when King physicaly assualted a women knocking her across a bed. Also it is stated in a book that he was present during the rape of a women associate. If concilman Shabazz can take what he has read as gospel, then I also can, and the council should act on my request. Lets see who has balls. Tibbets and Kurtz. A man who treats women like this especially during the ME 2 movement should not be recognized as a great person.

  4. Since you wanna bring up accusations….well christopher Columbus was a liar… he did not discover America… The native American was here already… Can I walk in your home and claim I found a house??? So he should never have gotten a statue nor a holiday… Look at what the white man did to the Indians… Them mock them with a holiday (Thanksgiving) you whites always call a BLK person racist when they speak the truth about your ancestors devilish history…we all know who the real racist liar kidnapper mass murderer robber is (whites) so learn your history before u comment

  5. Who cares about Christopher Columbus? How can you discover a land already occupied? Just another phony hero for the white man.

  6. Take down columbus statue because he states Columbus was a racist. I did;nt know Shabazz was that old and that he was around when Columbus was, and that he knew him. He also wants CRDA to pay for a statue of a black lady that has no ties to Atlantic City other then she spoke at the Democrate convention back in the sixties in A.C. Fair right. He thinks so. I think its because he;s the racist, and wanted Columbus removed because he was white, and I believe he;s one of those Black Lives Nuts.

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