County Exec Levenson Faces Heat About Stockton, Grossman & Trump

The once mighty, South Jersey Republican party is catching hell from it’s own constituents. Good thing we were listening to Anne Baker on WOND radio on the morning of April 2.

Listen to clips from the podcast. Atlantic County Exec Denny Levenson went head to head with an assortment of angry callers on WOND Radio, 1400 am.

Callers ask: Why provide financial assistance to Stockton University? They pay no taxes.

With news of another Stockton building in Atlantic City that could break ground soon, South Jersey residents wonders why Stockton needs more space.

ACCC has seen regular enrollment declines for the past few years. Atlantic Cape Community College is struggling. Why would Stockton want to expand?

So far, Stockton’s beachfront location at Albany & the Boardwalk doesn’t seem to be that much of an attraction. Stockton trying to fill all those empty dorm rooms during the summer. Hmmm. We thought the summer beachfront location was a major draw for Stockton. Guess not.

Rent a beachfront Stockton dorm on the cheap. You don’t even need to be a Stockton student. See Stockton Summer Rentals.

Stockton University doesn’t pay taxes, but controls a large swath of Atlantic City.

Accusations of Stockton professors indoctrinating students.

As heard on Anne Baker WOND Radio 1400 am: South Jersey GOP accused of not helping candidate Seth Grossman protect the 2nd district Congressional seat vacated by Frank LoBiondo.

Not one of you did anything for Grossman & Trump.

The guy that runs the Republican party said Seth had to do it on his own. Lobiondo and the rest of you creeps in the Republican party did nothing.

The lack of proper GOP support of Seth Grossman, allowed Jeff Van Drew (D) to squeak by with a win.

Did Stockton boost Atlantic City & Chelsea neighborhood business?

Take a look at the adjacent properties near Stockton. Even across the street, peppered with empty storefronts. Lot’s of them.

Dark streets, riddled with potholes. Open drug deals.

CRDA prefers to funnel most dollars back into casinos, conference centers and concerts that do very little to revive the neighborhoods and non-gaming portions of Atlantic City.

Observers voicing disappointment with choice of Brigantine’s Phil Guenther as a NJ Assembly candidate.

Phil Guenther has checkered past in Brigantine.

Mis-management of municipal resources and over-taxation of 2nd homeowners top the list of negatives the former Brigantine Mayor will need to overcome.

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