County Exec Levinson: Atlantic City Blew 45 Year Head Start

You Gonna Walk Down Pacific Ave?

Yes, Atlantic City’s financial situation is getting a bit better, but investors are still being warned to proceed with caution.

Of course, you won’t know that if you just read the Press of Atlantic City. Or listened to the boasting of AC Mayor, Marty Small. Both paint a rosy picture of the city.

Levinson on 1400am WOND Radio 1.6.20

Moody’s Investors Service says Atlantic City is still below investment grade, but has upgraded the city’s credit rating two notches.

County Exec Denny Levinson: I sympathize with Jim Allen and Hard Rock. All that investment they put into their casino property.

You gonna walk Pacific Ave and say you’re proud of it?

Levinson: In Atlantic City,  you gotta go inside the (casinos) if you want to have a good time.

Local news coverage of Atlantic City is not always accurate. It’s almost as if they’re protecting the city from bad news coverage.

Press of AC reporters are always changing. No real followup on stories. ‘I guess you can tell them anything you want’ says Levinson.

NOTE: Press of AC reporters are well-known for often acting like PR agents, rather than reporters.

Atlantic City had 45 year head start. They blew it.

When the State of NJ took over AC, the city was $100 mil in debt. Now, the city is $450 mil in debt.

NOTE: MUA, Atlantic City Water Company just raised rates too. Press of AC forgot to cover this story.

Gary Hill of CRDA / MUA & Jim Long from State.

State can’t even run the state. NJ is bleeding residents. They’re fleeing the state in record numbers. Just like other poorly run states, including California.

Non-casino taxpayers are responsible for all future tax hikes. Casinos are protected from tax hikes.

NJ is highest taxed state in the country.

Weak ordinance enforcement from both the city and CRDA.

AC Council Getting Cozy With NJ State.


  1. 2:53 Dennis Levinson: “No City would allow the circumstances you have in Atlantic City to go by…”

    Well you need not look very far to prove that statement wrong. I travel off of the Parkway South at Exit 40 Every Day. The first thing I hit is a closed down, run down gas station, then continue on a closed down hotel that looks like a bombed out war zone, a little further and you see the old State Police Barracks that looks like sheer hell, then travel to the corner, a closed Dunkin’ Donuts with a car wash that a truck hit nearly 3 years ago with a gaping hole that remaining in the side of the building to this day, and yet another closed down, in disrepair gas station. Drive just a few more yards and you see the Old Good Fellows becoming over grown and unsightly. Look across the street at the Building that Republican Purdy owns that apparently has used cars being sold on it now at 6th Avenue. THE ENTIRE CORRIDOR IS A COMPLETE DISGRACE. Maybe now that the Democrats are in charge in Galloway, something will be done and codes will be enforced! The County Executive doesn’t want to hear that because it’s his party that is to blame for allowing it to get that way in the first place! They have been running Galloway Township for YEARS NOW!

    Levinson: “…..Cite these individuals, they have a responsibility to take care of their properties.”

    1. Denny Lev has been one of the few if only voices of reason throughout this whole experience I agree also

    2. I don’t know what’s going on with City Hall in the investors but all I know is Atlantic City to be number one in the entire use curse Atlantic City it can be such a fantastic City because number one that has the boardwalk in the ocean Vegas don’t have that number to you should have monorails connecting from the from the marina to Ocean City when the casinos being built and the number 3 you got to get those streets paved Atlantic Avenue it’s terrible and also Martin Luther King Boulevard and for you got to do something with it the plaza casino and also the old Golden Nugget thank you/// PS please clean up Pacific and Tennessee Avenue thank you👍

  2. I ” Agree!”
    Let’s get some New and Affordable Housing placed in all of these Eyesores.
    Most of all let give back to all the life long Seniors who take every penny of their Social Security and Savings to pay these High Taxes. Here are Senior who must pay School Taxes with their own children in their late 50’s and older. I was born and raised in Atlantic City, where there were Movie Theaters and Grocery Stores within walking distances Wherever you resided, Northside, Southside, Inlet, Ducktown,etc.
    45 Years? No! How about 50 Years and No Progress, Improvment, or Releif to our loyal Citizens, Seniors, and Taxpayers! I remember Pacific Avenue as a street with Businesses to Eat, Shop, Dr.’s Offices, Churches,Telephone and Gas Companies.
    Thelma Fireall-Shepperson

  3. Stating the obvious year after year….that is not reporting the news, that is like commenting on the weather. Every one talks about it but no one can do a thing about it. Pacific Ave has been a disgrace for 2 generations. (or more) Atlantic Ave, pretty much the same. The Boardwalk shoppes, half are closed and the other half for the most part struggle. Bader Field and the Baseball Field abandoned. The closed Atlantic Club/Hilton/Golden Nugget is now used to film horror/zombie movies.(really) How ironic. Trump Plaza, the center piece of the Casino district abandoned and falling down. The Playground all but empty to tenants (more horror movies perhaps) Homeowners can not take another tax raise, residential home values are decreasing, or worse being abandoned.
    What is the answer????? I am not a politician nor am I a developer. Just a part time resident for more than 40 years. I love Atlantic City and hope for the best, but alas, the best predictor of the future is the past. Corrupt mayors, and poor planning board. Tough decisions need to be made about where to start the “gentrification” process if this city is to move in a positive direction, starting with Pacific Ave and working North South, then East West.

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