COVID Chaos & Short-Term Rentals. Atlantic City Mayor Picking Winners & Losers.

Unfair to Legal AirBnB Users.

A heartbreaking story from an Atlantic City homeowner who rents out his property using short-term rental platforms like AirBnB.

Atlantic City officials visited tenants of his (rental) home and questioned them about their NY licence plates. The tenants moved in on April 4. That was two days before Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small banned any new transients from coming into the city.

On April 21, an Atlantic City official knocked on the door and questioned the rental tenants. When did they get here? When did they plan on staying until? Where did they come from?

The next day, April 22, Atlantic City came back and put a huge red sticker on the rental house. The renters had to vacate within 24 hrs or the police would come and remove them from the rental home.

Short-Term Rentals Targeted by Mayor Small

You don’t kick tenants out of homes because the landlord had improper paperwork filed. You don’t kick a family to the street in 24 hours because of a mistake the landlord made.

How did Atlantic City politicians even know about this issue? Neighbors felt ‘uncomfortable’ living next door to people with NY license plates on their car.

Clearly, the tenants are COVID free since they’ve been in the rental home for 3 weeks… and were quarantined 3 weeks prior to that.

Director of Licence & Inspections, Dale Finch, following orders from Mayor Marty Small and City Council President, George Tibbitt.

This is just a power grab. Government needs to be checked when they do things like this.

Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt not a big fan of AirBnB and UBER. He calls them a ‘problem’. Watch video from JAN 2020.

AirBnB user: There is no limit to what the government can do right now. Some are way outta line.

The Mayor of Atlantic City, Marty Small, said he’d give the family a week to move out… instead of just 24 hours.

Why am I negotiating for a family who’s been in the house for 3 weeks and were there 2 days before the law was enacted to move out?

No Matter What Radio Blow-Hard Harry Hurley Says, Can We Trust Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt?

AC Council President George Tibbitt.


  1. The executive order (banning AirBnB short term rentals) issued by Mayor Small, is a disaster of EPIC proportions for city’s economy.

    By Mayor Marty Small blocking short-term rentals INDEFINITELY, he has essentially shut down the entire Atlantic City economy. You can’t even book NEW YEARS EVE if you wanted to.


    Remember homeowners, this was Mayor Small’s decision. Remember that when you vote and can’t pay your bills.

  2. Tibbitt “The Air BnB problem” Are you kidding me? VRBO, Air BnB, and short-term rentals will be savior of the City. Not a problem Mr. Tibbitt. Get your head out of your ass.


    WTF? We get it, you have your city job, your city car (that your son uses from time to time) your city phone, your city pension, your city benefits.

    There’s no problem with short-term rentals, just long term stupid politicians.

    Did I mention that people who book short-term rentals pay CITY TAXES that help fund your fat ass?

  3. I would just like to say that the Mayor bent over backward to help me and my tenant is this situation by personally calling me and extending the tenants stay until next Tuesday instead of the 24hrs notice Dale Finch scared my tenants to death with yesterday. I really appreciated that he did that for me. I thought that was amazing. But at the end of the day. It still makes no sense why I am negotiating on how many days or months MY tenants would like to stay in MY home. Thank You Mayor.

    1. That man, Dale Finch, is a disgrace. He should go back to Millville and stay there. HOW DARE he tell people he’s going to throw them out on the streets of Atlantic City with no place to go during a pandemic?

      Who the hell does he think he is? Does he forget that it’s people like Keith that pay his salary? He should immediately resign his position with the city for over stepping his bounds, and placing fear of God into people during the most stressful time of our lives.

      Atlantic City Director of Licence & Inspections, Dale Finch, doesn’t give a shit. His paycheck keeps coming no matter what.

      Don’t violate people’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!


  4. WOW, Mayor Gets Paid, Finch Gets Paid, Tibbett Gets Paid. To hell with the homeowner!

    1. And to top it off the homeowner pays these individuals via the astronomically high property taxes! They are shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. The indefinite ban of STRs (short term rentals) is beyond idiotic. If a family wanted to book a week in the summer of 2022 they cannot, how does that help the future well being of the city?

    Some stats: Last year Atlantic County Short Term Rentals welcomed 43,800 guests and families into our wonderful city.

    Since the new tax law went into effect in 2018 extending state-administered and local occupancy taxes to STRs, Airbnb (not including reservations from other sites like VRBO) alone remitted $17.9 million in revenue directly to the state and cities.

    Not to mention the millions of dollars short-term rental guests spend locally on restaurants, entertainment, transportation, and casino gaming.

    Additionally, Short Term Rental owners buy homes, make significant investments in upgrades, improving home values, not to mention the local jobs they create (cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, management, etc).

    All of this revenue, taxes, and benefit for the city and neighborhoods will indefinitely disappear if there’s not an end-date added to the order.

    I suggest June 1st, this can be extended if the virus is still an issue. Please correct this travesty Mr. Mayor and team.

    1. Your wrong Steve, they can book the summer of 2022. JUST NOT IN ATLANTIC CITY, that business will go to Brigantine, Ventnor City, Margate, and any place else, JUST NOT AC, thanks to your Mayor.

      1. Yes makes no sense for Atlantic City. Seriously what is the mayor thinking, so very sad for our struggling city.

  6. In 2011, AC tried to ban all short-term rentals in our inlet section. BRUCE WARD (Director of AC Water Company) would see a tenant come in, then call code enforcement as people were bringing in their luggage.

    Atlantic City “officials” would accost our guests in the street. Even worse, they would show up late at night, completely scaring our bachelorette parties as they were having a good time, telling them they were there illegally.

    These actions were totally sanctioned by the Langford Administration and council members, especially George Tibbitt. It was a horrible time.

    Does Mayor Marty Small understand how his wording will affect us even when this is over? Could someone please make him aware?

    Oh, by the way, we would also receive a citation from Code Enforcement pushed by Bruce Ward…. to be heard in Municipal Court…. and guess who the judge was? Yep, the Honorable Bruce Ward!

    1. Ivana:
      Keep my name out of your mouth and off of your keyboard. When I see you I will tell you again in person !

      1. Wow what an upstanding leader in our community. Threatening other people. What Ivana notes here is a fact, do you feel ashamed about It, sounds like you may be. If you do threaten her in person she will have this documentation. If I was her I would be quick on my phone to get video of it.

        1. Thanks Bob. I told the truth and there is much more to the story. I do appreciate the support. Ivana

          1. Oh I remember it was such an abuse of power. What’s hilarious is he was a judge and what he did was illegal, you would think he would know better. It took a NJ Superior Court judge to put him in his place. Its scary to think he is the director of our water company. Just be ready on your phone to record him if you run into him.

  7. We rent a property in Key West during the Winter. When the virus first began spreading, the City of Key West began closing businesses, followed by hotels and short-term rentals. We left with two weeks to go on our rental. That’s what responsible people do.

    There is a State wide lockdown and Stay at Home order in place in New Jersey. Here in the Inlet, we have an unlicensed property being used for short-term rentals. This family are not being thrown on the street. They’re being asked to obey the State and Local regulations and return to their own home.

    The landlord should have asked them to leave as soon as the regulations were put in place. We have a some responsible owners here who are licensed to offer rentals, vet their guests before they rent to them and monitor the properties for noise and nuisance.

    We also have owners who do none of these things, so the residents are left to deal with the all-night parties, noise and trash. I applaud the City for enforcing the regulations and hope they will continue to do so.

    1. So if the owner said they could stay for FREE would that be ok with you Gina? Did you come in direct contact with those people? Would health care workers staying in that home be a better fit for “YOUR” inlet neighborhood. HEROS I MAY ADD!

      Get the cheese out of your head.

      YOUR GREAT GOVERNMENT will be reopening the motels in AC to house the homeless. Maybe Keith should move them into the inlet.

      Remember in the beginning the Jews did not resist their great government in Germany, how did that work out?

    2. Great comment but looking at the details these guests were already occupying the property before the order was put in place.

      The order reads that already existing guests are allowed to stay for the duration of their rental but owners are not allowed to take new reservations.

      It was not justified to continue to harass these innocent guests repeatedly as it was in this case.

  8. I have had fantastic guests and these are fantastic people staying in our home. I am just glad they are not leaving even after all this harassment.

    They are a fantastic family who moved in legally 2 days before the Mayor signed the executive order on April 4th. We all understand why the mayor did the executive order. I did vet this family. They were quarantined for 3 weeks before they even came to my house and now they have been in my house for 3 more weeks. I did vet.

    The people who did not vet are the people who called the city and the police because they saw an Asian family with NY plates. It is so so sad. I just cant even believe it.

    I am responsible and I love my neighbors and the neighborhood I have called home from 2002 till 2017.

    I would never break a law or put anyone in harms way. I hold this family in the highest regard for being such fantastic parents and doing everything right. But now they feel like outsiders who are not welcome because where they come from and what they look like. It is a tragedy.

  9. Gina, I am so so sorry you were afraid of the NY plates. They are no more of a threat living in a single family home then you are living in yours, or me living in mine. We are all very lucky to have homes that we do not need to share anything.

    I wish you had my phone number. I could have told you their quarantine schedule and where they have been to help you feel better. I will give you my number so if you should have any questions about any of my guests in the future you can reach out to me. Again I am so sorry. I mean no harm or stress to anyone.

  10. I certainly hope this information about that family of 4 who live in my home makes everyone better and more comfortable. If it does comfort you, please express that to me so that I can pass it onto this family. This will give them a sense of peace as opposed to the constant finger pointing and questioning from officials they have had to deal with for 3 straight days.

    Today someone called the cops on them. The COPS.

    Not only did it put fear into the families hearts but it was very unpleasant for the officers too. This is not in their job description. They did not want to ask such silly questions of a loving mother trying to do what is best for her children.

    1. They only had some guest ONE weekend only the family who is staying at my home has a 6 and 7 year old son. The one son had a birthday last weekend so they had a couple people over who were also quarenteened for 6 weeks to come visit them for his Lego birthday party. No mom would put her children in harm’s way by having someone over who has not been quarenteened. I know this because again this is an amazing family so they asked me first and explained the situation. I wish you would not judge people and what they are doing. Everyone is doing their best. Now that you have also been informed about my tenants and their guests and their history for the past 6 weeks I hope that now you can be at peace. Now if one of them came up very close to you or your door for some strange reason please let me know. Thank you and im so sorry that the sight of people scares you. It’s so sad this all has to be explained. I hope no one is asking you all these questions and I certainly hope that no one asks me all these questions when I come down to work on the house. This is just no way to live. Every one is keeping a distance and we are so blessed to have homes with our own entrances and no elevators. Everyone is doing their best. Please do not keep attacking me personally. Thank you guys.

  11. I just realized my first sentence did not make any sense. The offee did not kick in till mid paragraph. LOL They only had guests ONE weekend. The family who is staying at my home has a 6 and 7 year old son. The one son had a birthday last weekend so they had a couple people over who were also quarenteened for 6 weeks to come visit them for his Lego birthday party. Man this is a lot of personal information. But we are open about it because we are going by all the CDC guidelines because were all good people who care about the health of ourselves and others around us. 🙂

  12. I speak to my tenants who are honest, trustworthy and great people. But to really get personal I have cameras of course too. You living a block away I am not sure how you know so much but everything is fine Ian. Perhaps the other two weekends you saw cars of people but who knows where they were from or where they were going. All I know and I do know is who came to my home and when. Please I want you to relax. Please Ian. I would come give you a hug but I can’t. This to shall pass and no one is going to get near you because they live a block away but also because no one wants to get near anyone right now. 🙂

  13. I am hear to announce that the family has been successfully shamed out of the home to which they had planned on living for 2 to 3 months. They will be moving out Saturday or Sunday if anyone wishes to send them off (At a distance of course). Look I love everyone. I know some people in the neighborhood do not know me or they know very little about me. But I know that the people who do not know me know people that know me very well. They will tell you I am a kind, loving, person who would never ever intentionally harm anyone. That is the case with this fantastic family as well. I just wish they were left alone like everyone else wishes to be left alone. I will see you all this week. If you want to ask me where I have been or how long I am staying feel free but please do not call the cops. They do not want to harass people who are of no harm to anyone. Thank you all so much for expressing yourselves. These are strange times and I understand how you feel. I do not hold it against anyone. I understand both sides. God Bless.

  14. No no no. Thats not true. I absolutely do care. This is not a business to me. This is my passion. I love to host people. I love to make people feel welcome and at home. I love to serve. I love to show the world how amazing this gem in the inlet is. I go out an tell everyone how amazing it is. People cannot even believe they are in A.C. They all love it. You saying I do not care is personal. I hope to change you mind on this one day. I really do. Please talk to the people who have known me for 10-20 years They will tell you. I absolutely love the inlet. I am sure you have had some problems with renters down by you and I am sorry to hear that but do not hold that against me. Will talk Ian. I know I have said hello to you many times but we have not actually had the chance to talk. We will. I hear and feel your frustration and it does bother me. I would think this within itself is the start of me proving to you that in fact I do care. If this were a business and all I cared about was making money I would not be bothering with talking to you or any other neighbors, and the home would be in an LLC, and you would have no clue who owned the home or how to get in touch with the owner. It would be managed by a property manager and that would be it. I stay in this home with my wife, kids, and family. This is our shore house and we do care. I hope this all helps and is not making you more upset. Thank You Ian.

  15. The virus is of no threat to someone 6 feet away. Did something happen that I am not aware of? Did someone get close to you? Will it make you uncomfortable for me and my family to come down there next week? Would you like me to explain to you where I have been for the last 6 weeks before I come? Whatever will help you be at peace that I can help you with please let me know. I do not want you living in fear but I am afraid it sounds like their may be nothing I can do. I am so truly sorry Ian. It must be terrible.

  16. Hello Neighbors. The ‘No Rentals’ rule was put out by the city and the governor office. What part of that do people not understand?

    This is a very unusual sad time for our country. Perhaps the horrible summer I experience of sleepless night and carrying on by renters peeing on houses, loud vulgar language, men fighting over having sex with women, men pulling down their pants and exposing themselves.

    I hope everyone with AirBnB license did it legal. Trust me, I wont put up with this again this summer.

    As far as this rental, I am sure they had a home to go back to. Please remember the neighborhood didn’t make up the rules but would like our tax money go to enforcing the right thing to do to keep our neighborhoods safe.

    Please keep hateful comments to yourself and move forward in being kind, respectful, and just being a good neighbor.

    1. Rita, Short Term Rentals (STRs) in shore tourist destinations have been around for hundreds of years, well before online platforms like “Airbnb”.

      Last year Atlantic County STRs welcomed 43,800 guests and families into our wonderful city. Tens of thousands of STR reservations in Atlantic County goes without a hitch each year.

      The online platforms and owners absolutely must be diligent in screening guests and weed out the extremely low percentage of bad experiences that occur. Rest assured owners do not want parties at their properties.

      Since the new tax law went into effect in 2018 extending state-administered and local occupancy taxes to STRs, Airbnb (not including reservations from other sites like VRBO) alone has remitted $17.9 million in revenue directly to the state and cities. Not to mention the millions of dollars STR guests spend locally on restaurants, entertainment, transportation, and casino gaming.

      Additionally STR owners buy homes make significant investments in upgrades improving home values not to mention the local jobs they create (cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, management, etc…).

      There are different opinions on STRs… this is a beach resort town and I expect it would not be surprising that people would want to visit/vacation here but that doesn’t mean (though very small majority) that people should be disrespectful of our neighborhoods and neighbors.

      There are city ordinances for party houses, noise, parking, trash, etc… those should be enforced first and foremost.

      If there are some owners not as diligent as others the fines resulting from ordinance violations would quickly get them in order. Keep in mind a neighbor can cause a disturbance just the same as a renter.

    2. Rita if you read the other comments you will see that they were not in violation of the “no rentals” rule. The guests arrived Before the rule was put in place. The rule said it applies to new reservations only. Your comments here does not support your cause to “be a good neighbor”.

  17. It looks like Ian Skinner AKA SKIN in this thread deleted all of his comments. I hope that means he took some of the advice given here.

    The guests and the host renting to them were doing nothing wrong, they were not in violation of the order. Stay 6 feet away otherwise you may be a happier person not worrying about others and living your own life.

    1. Oh hello the Troll is back again bashing .
      Well I see none of you Trolls turned out to say goodbye, when the Family moved out,I thought this was utmost in your thoughts to give a rallying support.
      And by the I have not deleted a thing ,unliked you Trolls.And yes my name is Ian Skinner.
      Get a Life ,do you even live in the Inlet?

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