Crack Down on 600 Illegal Short-Term Rentals in Atlantic City


There are approx 700 AirBnB and other short-term rental properties in Atlantic City. Only 85 are legally registered and inspected by the city.


Only 85 out of 700 short term rentals in Atlantic City are properly inspected and permitted. These 85 are the only ones paying mandated license fees.

Why was compliance enforcement ignored for years? No one taking the blame for this one.

Will out-of-control renting just get worse? Depends. The City just hired outside firm to ‘police’ online rentals. They will help AC levy fines against those breaking the law.

AC City Council will soon vote to place heavy fees and restrictions on those who rent out their Atlantic City properties.

marty small atlantic city
Mr Marty.

AirBnB, VRBO and other online real estate platforms are a diamond in the rough for AC. Home values have risen in response to growing demand for short term rentals in AC.

Higher property valuations = more tax revenue raised. Higher demand for rentals = more people spending money in all of Atlantic City. Not just the casinos.

CRDA and Casinos like the idea of heavy-handed fees, fines and inspections. Casinos are primarily focused on selling out their own hotel rooms. No interest in competing with private homeowners, especially those within the CRDA controlled Tourism District.


  1. The city wants to try and put AirB&B out of business. What a dumb move. What the city should do is try and put the slum lords out of business, who;s properties are all over the city with many more tenants then there should be in them. Also the apparence of these properties are deplorable, and an eye sore. AirB&B properties are rated by there users and if they are not rated high they get no bookings. Therefore the properties are kept in tip top shape inside and out. They also bring money to many of the businesses in the city , unlike the slum landlords with their falling apart properties. If residents have a problem with a certain AirB&B property they can contact the company and they will address the matter, unlike the problems with the slum landlords where the taxpayer has no where to complain. Certainly the city does nothing about them.

  2. Those holding government positions and elected representatives of the people should be held accountable for allowing this to occur without consequences. If Atlantic City requires short term rental property owners to register with the city and pay a registration fee why hasn’t the city enforced this requirement? Only 85 out of 700 in compliance is ludicrous! With elections coming up in November voters should consider bringing in new capable candidates and remove those in government who allowed this to go unabated.

  3. another city blunder – they are working to extinguish one of the shining lights in the city… Many of the short term rentals had to completely renovate dumpy sub prime properties that exist everywhere in the city…. Fix the problems that surround the small minority of the short term rentals causing problems, enforce existing codes, and most problems go away…. the investor comes here to create what did not exist, and won’t continue coming if they harrassed for their efforts.

  4. Agreed. Atlantic City needs hundreds of sites demolished or cleaned up. Geoff is right. AIRBNB’s are a way to get properties rehabbed and on tax rolls. This crack down is short sighted. The City does not enforce the existing laws. Start there.

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