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CRDA & Atlantic City. Drug Addiction, Homeless, Prostitution.

The other Atlantic City. The AC that CRDA and City Hall pretends doesn’t exist.

Sean Reardon is a candidate running for a 4th ward Council seat. Reardon is willing to show us this oft-forgotten portion of Atlantic City.

It’s not pretty. Ignored by elected officials and those holding the purse strings. (CRDA)

WATCH VIDEO. Resident Sean Reardon shares his experience inside the OTHER AC. You won’t see important stuff like this from Mayor Gilliam, Council member Small, Shabazz or Randolph.

Sean Reardon on the Streets of AC

Reardon: I’ve been losing friends during the last decade to the drug epidemic. Some call Atlantic City “the last stop in life” for these people. Millions get spent to build colleges that don’t pay taxes. Where is money to help these people and get them off the streets in the AC Tourism District? (CRDA). Watch as we check on and then interview a local woman (Lisa) who’s struggling in this wasteland the State & CRDA has enabled.

This video is just one more reason why CRDA doesn’t hold their monthly meetings at a more convenient time & location. CRDA does not want to discuss this growing epidemic of a problem.

Casinos were supposed to transform Atlantic City. The ENTIRE city, not just the Casinos. Shame on the CRDA.

With online gambling, sports betting and growing competition from neighboring states, will things get better or worse for local residents? Take a wild guess.

Do social services like OASIS, John Brooks and Salvation Army help? Sister Jeans Kitchen was shut down by CRDA, City & Casinos.

We’re leaving people on the street. The State & CRDA only care about one thing….pulling cash out of the city.

TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE? Most on AC City Council could care less. Most should NOT be re-elected. But many will vote these do-nothings back in…..and then wonder why things are getting worse.

Rampant prostitution. Feeding their addiction. Sex trafficking; ‘you would be surprised’ says Lisa, a user looking for help.

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  1. Why should we pay for these people? They decided to do drugs. This is the consequence of that decision. Take responsibility for your actions. It’s not right to depend on the rest of us who work hard and didn’t do drugs to fix your lives.

  2. I admire the effort, however this was a poorly executed interview. The interviewer basically asked Lisa to agree with what he stated. Please try again. It is important. But do an actual interview.

  3. Back in 1967 . I did a book report on legalizing prostitution The going rate was two dollars a piece in Germany. Make that legal in Atlantic City and taxes it. Have the girls right in the windows of the boardwalk store fronts. One problem solved . Problem 2, just let them have their last high and die . Problem 3. Homeless.Most of them aren’t quite right. Move them to Ancora Mental Institute. Far away from the tourist city of Atlantic City.

  4. The situation in Atlantic City is hopeless because the electorate is not fit to make intelligent thoughtful decisions.

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