CRDA Board Members Scoff at Atlantic City Residents

CRDA Doesn’t Like Public Input.

The rising expense of the money-losing, Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Millions poured into Boardwalk Hall. Virtually zero being spent on surrounding neighborhoods. Dark streets, crime, reduced police presence.

So far, almost $90 million has been poured into Boardwalk Hall and the Convention Center. Both properties operate in the RED.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE. Tolson: Sir, where’s your expertise? People come to these meetings….imploring us to maintain boardwalk hall.

Who’s responsible for Tourism District crime and infrastructure? Both the CRDA and City of AC point the finger at each other.


Tolson believes personal opinions not valid. It’s not a professional security opinion. Tolson only believes those in construction, like him, are qualified to discuss the future of Atlantic City.

Ed Gant CRDA

Atlantic City residents foolishly attend monthly council meetings. Much smarter to pack the CRDA meeting each month. That’s where the real action is. Alas, many don’t care. Especially if they don’t pay taxes.

AC Mayor Gilliam rarely sticks up for the non-casino portion of the city. Socialite Gary Hill also keeps his mouth shut. Both are the only representation from Atlantic City. The other 15 CRDA board members represent casinos, union jobs, and various Atlantic County interests.

Outside many casinos, surrounding areas are still dark and blighted. CRDA members don’t seem to believe that. Of course, they don’t live here.

Who’s responsible for the Tourism District? CRDA or City of Atlantic City?

Fact Check: CRDA Chairman Robert Mulchahy says the CRDA doesn’t have code enforcement authority. That’s not really true. CRDA Planning & Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf has the juice and a heavy hand on just about everything in the Tourism District.

Did you know? Majority of CRDA has little to NO experience with marketing, tourism and music.

4 thoughts on “CRDA Board Members Scoff at Atlantic City Residents”

  1. Disgraceful! The gentleman in blue was correct. I don’t care who fixes just fix it ! Simple clean up the blight! Crack down on the drug addicts get them out! .

  2. Wise guys ! All the decent people want to be is safe and CRDA just wants to be the big noise and nothing gets done for years.After 40 years of gaming the neighborhoods are so bad and dangerous! The people want to see progress.Tolson of ocean City doesn’t have to live in Atlantic City neighborhoods, yes, walk the streets you will have a different additude to the gentleman that had the guts to speak.

  3. CREDA needs to concentrate on making AC a safer, cleaner, and more entertainment diverse destination. Moreover, listening to residents, long time and new and and acting on necessary action items could go a long way to make progress re the elephants in the room…a clean and safe 48 blocks, not just the Marina District and the Boardwalk casino areas.

  4. Atlantic City should purchase its own street paving equipment – train personnel –
    and repave the entire city. Pay existing property owners for their dilapidated
    multi-family dwellings and then offer them the opportunity to purchase a brand
    new building of like kind in another area of the city.

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