CRDA Buys Strip Club & Atlantic City Loses Another Taxpayer to Land-Banking.

One Less AC Taxpayer. Delilah’s Den.

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) approved a purchase of a strip club on Pacific Avenue.

The CRDA Board authorized a $1.3 million fund to buy Delilah’s Den at 2405 Pacific Avenue, right across street from Boardwalk Hall.

Under cover of the Covid chaos, CRDA quietly signed off. Very few members of the public attend CRDA meetings due to inconvenient location and time of meetings.

CRDA Board members & Shabazz

CRDA Executive Director Matt Doherty says he has letters of support from Mayor Small, Atlantic City PD and Kaleem Shabazz.

Shabazz and Small had no comment when asked if CRDA would continue to pay taxes on the property, or will the property be ‘land-banked’, and not have to pay city taxes.

AC Councilman Kaleem Shabazz frequently shared inaccurate tax information in reference to CRDA, Casinos and Stockton.

NJ CRDA Mayor Marty Small

Atlantic City taxpayers see no benefit in the purchase of this property. The quality of life in this part of the Tourism District will remain bleak due to rising crime and growth of sober living homes and social services.

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2 thoughts on “CRDA Buys Strip Club & Atlantic City Loses Another Taxpayer to Land-Banking.”

  1. Purchasing a strip club will have a positive effect on the city. And the purchase was backed by the Atlantic City PD. Since when does the Police Dept. have a say in the way CRDA spends money. Maybe the Police Dept. should clean up the drug dealing next door to the strip club along Florida ave. and get rid of all the homeless that hang out in that neighbor hood. That would do the area some good. Also maybe CRDA should start spending what funds they do have a little more wisely. That would do the city a whole lot of good.

  2. It’s sad when your elected officials are not looking out for the best interest of the residents of Atlantic City. A Strip Club? Really?

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