CRDA Zoning Czar Asked About Chelsea Beach Bar Expansion

Make sure you keep an eye on all these new zoning regulations in Atlantic City. Land-use ordinances are a very powerful tool to acquire power and property. CRDA’s Lance Landgraf is becoming quite the master of this double-edged sword.

Watch this CRDA meeting video from May 15, 2018. Ocean Club residents ask if Chelsea Beach Bar is following proper procedure. Are they in compliance with local & state ordinances? Are they adhering to CRDA land use rules & regulations? Residents even shared photos of the Chelsea Beach Bar being expanded…something Mayor Gilliam and the CRDA’s Lance Landgraf allegedly are unaware of.

See video: CRDA’s Lance Landgraf claims Chelsea Beach Bar must get approvals from him, before any expansion could be considered.

Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam claims selective ignorance. On May 18, CRDA Chris Howard said the CRDA was not involved in the lease agreement. ‘Contact the City’ says Howard.

Chelsea Beach Bar Lance Landgraf CRDA Atlantic City
Chelsea Beach Bar Expansion

Did the Chelsea Beach Bar get site plan approval from CRDA?

Two homeowners from the Ocean Club condos had a few simple questions. Where is copy of Chelsea Beach Bar lease? Are they allowed to expand? Who controls what? Who has jurisdiction?


CRDA does not review city beach leases. That is jurisdiction of City of Atlantic City?

Bulldozers were used to remove sand that was blown up on the fences. Perimeter was widened? Possibly up to 25ft on each side. Did Chelsea Beach Bar management get site plan expansion approval from CRDA’s Lance Landgraf?

The Chelsea Neighborhood Association sees this beach as a family park. They don’t want it turned into a beach for adult drinking. Residents asked why the lease was not posted to the city website.

Nobody knows nuttin’. Who approved the lease extension? How long was the lease? A ’25 year lease’ said a Chelsea Beach Bar social media post. Has the NJ ABC [Alcoholic Beverage Control] chimed in about this lease?

CRDA says they only have jurisdiction over the existing, Chelsea Beach Bar. The City has jurisdiction over the beach chair and umbrella vendor lease.

‘None of us know anything about it’ said CRDA Chairman, Robert Mulchahy.

Mr. Mulchahy asked AC Mayor Gilliam, if he knew anything about this. The Mayor said ‘no’.

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