CRDA Increases Control of Atlantic City’s Economic & Re-Development Future.

Frank Gilliam CRDA Atlantic City
Gilliam Punked by CRDA

While Atlantic City Mayor-elect Gilliam was celebrating the MUA / AC water company staying put for now, the infamous CRDA increased their stranglehold on the most lucrative parts of the City.

Under the 2011 Atlantic City Tourism District Act, the CRDA is responsible for adopting and enforcing land use regulations as well as reviewing/approving development applications for the Tourism District.

Starting in 2018, The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (“CRDA”) is ready to enforce new land use regulations for the Atlantic City Tourism District.

Atlantic City Tourism District is controlled by the CRDA. This NJ state agency has broad and extensive powers to redevelop and manage the Tourism District. On the flip side, the AC Mayor and City Council now have squat; zero influence on the City’s business center.

CRDA Land Use rules shall supersede existing requirements of Atlantic City Land Use Ordinance.

The Atlantic City Tourism District includes the Boardwalk, Pacific Avenue, Gardner’s Basin, the Marina District, Tanger Outlets shopping area, Bader Field, and most of the Atlantic Ave commercial corridor.

New CRDA Tourism District land-use regulations:

  • No public hearing is required for variance-free, minor site plan and minor subdivision applications. The existing CRDA land use hearing process is before a single “CRDA land use hearing officer”.
  • CRDA must bless and approve any Atlantic City development project within the Tourism District.
  • Don’t like the CRDA’s decision on your development application? Too bad.
  • The decision of CRDA is final, unless you appeal directly to Appellate Division of NJ Superior Court.

The CRDA developed and implemented the Tourism District Master Plan. They have exclusive land use and zoning jurisdiction over the Tourism District. The City of Atlantic City, and it’s elected leaders, have now lost most of their control of the city’s economic engine.

The CRDA claims the new rules won’t have much impact on the population of the Tourism District. Well, you may want to ask residents of Ocean Club about that.




  1. Thank God the mayor wont be controlling the money . Yes ,CRDA did not do enough and when is this city going to be beautiful? The City is not a glam place!! But , the city is so corrupt still with what the city government runs. 39 years has past This should have been Vegas on the east coast!

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