CRDA Meeting News. Nov. 20, 2018 Recap.

At the monthly CRDA meeting of Nov. 20, 2018, the following was discussed.

CRDA approved an application by Bart Blatstein’s Showboat Hotel. Bart wants to convert 400 hotel rooms into 264 apartments

The CRDA also approved $1 million for a Tennessee Ave streetscape project. CRDA board members noted the lack of plan, prior to OKing the financial subsidy.

More money was devoted to 45 Class II officers who will patrol Atlantic and Pacific avenues.

NOTE: Plenty of talk about transitioning AC government back to local officials. While that will likely happen one day….most tend to forget the elected AC officials will have little to NO say in affairs related to the Tourism District and the Stockton District. That’s more than half of Atlantic City. That’s where 99% of the money and opportunity is.

And in other CRDA news…. the casino backed agency continues to bully the locals. CRDA is still trying to use eminent domain to take Charlie’s family home.



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  1. My goodness ,when is the money going to fix and bring beauty and good design to the streets so the city can look like Vegas all rebuilt clean gorgeous. No it still a old dump when are the crooks going to get thrown out and decent people run the city? Pay to play look at the town!!! Drugs, low life, violence!!!! All the money and the 5 dollars to park went in who’s pockets? It didn’t fix the city? 40 years of gaming the town should have been a jewel. What a shame.

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