CRDA OK’s $800K for Harrah’s Restaurant Upgrade

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The CRDA blessed Harrah’s plan to use $800,000 in Casino Reinvestment Development Authority money to help with a restaurant upgrade complete with a celebrity chef.

According to the Press of AC, $800k was left over from the Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center project, backed by $45 million in public funding via the CRDA.

CRDA’s mission is to use casino re-investments (special casino tax) as a catalyst for meaningful, positive, quality-of-life improvement efforts for the Atlantic City region.

Does a restaurant upgrade inside a casino with fixed taxes for the next 10 years, qualify as a quality of life improvement for Atlantic City taxpayers?

CRDA Chairman Robert Mulcahy was quoted as saying: “These celebrity chefs are a big deal these days.”

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  1. Vote No for NNJ Casinos

    The IAT to fund CRDA is a complete failure. As part of the PILOT bill funding has been redirected away from CRDA and directly to AC and for the first time maybe ever ACs property taxes will go down. There is nothing more stimulative than falling property taxes. If this continues you will see more investment in non casinos in the history of Atlantic City. Get ready.

    This city is going to change in a very positive way as a result of defunding CRDA!

    CRDA should be dissolved.

    There is a very long list of bad things this agency has done including pushing AC to not sell Bader Field in 10 years ago when there was an offer for $800 million now worth $50m.

    Despite a judge ruling against CRDA, this agency is still trying to take the house of the piano man.

    Made loans outside of AC and lost millions then forgave them. Took millions of properties that sit empty and generate 0 property taxes making everybody else’s property taxes more expensive. Plus they bought these properties that have lost significant value.

    CRDA is one of the reasons AC has been in the position it is.

    1. Mel you are right, spent millions on stupid projects outside AC and lost and didn’t get repayment of funds. Why won’t they sell lots to home builders with stipulation they have 18 months to get stuff in the ground

    2. Totally agree Mel. It’s nothing more then a $$ laundry and pig pen for the pols. It’s founding objective was supposed to be the Reconstruction and rebuilding of AC. Never happened. Never will as long as its there.

  2. From Leroy Souveroff: I thought the CDRA Funds people paid for parking were meant to improve the CITY??? Some attractions, decorations,parking, safety items… I resent the money going to help the Casinos.

    1. U another dumb sheep? U been sleeping? The TOWN ain’t getting Jack to improve. Just the same old smelly dirty corrupt bankrupt town 24/7 365. HARD ROCK AND BORGOTA WILL NOT SAVE U.

  3. WHEN ARE U DUMMY SHEEP ARE GOING TO GET RID OF THE CABAL(casino’s) just look at them. Makes my skin crawl. But I love watching u dummy poor sheep get it in the backside 24/7 365. BORGOTA AND HARD ROCK WILL NOT SAVE THIS SMELLY BANKRUPT CORRUPT TOWN. ATLANTIC CITY QUITE DEAD 4 yrs or less

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