Pre-mature Jubilation Over Atlantic City Beach Concerts

Scott Cronick
WOND’s Cronick: Mayor spoke too soon about concerts

Did somebody speak too soon? Maybe. Indeed, there was much pre-mature jubilation about the Summer 2016 beach concerts in Atlantic City over the past few weeks.

Is the Toby Keith beach concert ON or OFF? …. or maybe somewhere in-between?

Gasp-inducing info was revealed during the monthly ‘Boardwalk Committee’ meeting inside Boardwalk Hall on Wednesday morning, May 11.

Atlantic City Mayor; Don Guardian may have jumped the gun. Looks like the Mayor leaked some exciting concert news before any performer contracts could be inked. This discouraging revelation was repeated and amplified by broadcast pioneer; Tom Lamaine, during his afternoon appearance on WOND Radio later on Wednesday afternoon, May 11.

WOND Radio host reveals pre-mature concert announcement for Atlantic City.

Upon hearing the news from Lamaine, Radio host Scott Cronick reminded WOND listeners that Mayor Guardian was the person who announced the premature news…a few weeks back…about Atlantic City beach concerts featuring Toby Keith & Florida Georgia Line.

So, why no signatures yet? It might just have something to do with dates and scheduling.


  1. Everyone wants to be the first to break good news in order to create enthusiasm and excitement. As it pertains to Atlantic City, I’ll be the first to admit that I typically find myself drawn in by the hype, only to be let down when the promising ideas wither and die on the vine.

    Remember the 350-feet-tall, sail-shaped hotel and waterpark in the Marina District or the entertainment complex at the former Atlantic Club? What about the plans to bring small cruise ships to Gardner’s Basin or to turn the area into AC’s version of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor?

    How about the report of an amusement park on the former Sands site or the desire of a British gambling company to, “Buy or build in Atlantic City?” The dreams go on and on.

    Hopefully the announced Toby Keith and Florida Georgia Line concerts will not follow the same path of disappointment.

    Good news is always better than bad, no question about it. I just wish more would take root instead of being washed out to sea. Stockton University and South Jersey Gas can’t come soon enough!

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