Dangerous, Motorized Bikes Becoming Bigger Problem on Atlantic City Boardwalk.


Motorized bikes and skateboards are not permitted on the Atlantic City & Ventnor Boardwalks. Too bad very few follow the rules. What to do?

WATCH VIDEO > A growing, dangerous problem on the Boardwalk.

The motorized bikes in this video are traveling much faster than 20 mph? Maybe 30+ mph?

This kind of crap is only gonna get worse with the miniaturization of cheap & powerful motors.

Not sure exactly how to stop this, but somebody’s gonna get hurt bad… real bad… one day.

Video cameras on AC Boardwalk should be leveraged as a deterrent?


  1. First of all do you have the permission to recorded these kids, and the answer is no. Obviously this video was edited. But y’all fake ass news people want to be giving false information, and if this is so called a news page why are you putting foul language in the article doesn’t seem very professional if you ask me.

  2. More over I really do understand these kids having their fun I would have done the same thing as well at their age… too bad there’s never been a safe outlet in the past 5 decades for a young male to be himself and enjoy….

  3. Nobody gives a fuck abt 2 kids rippin there motor bikes and I guarantee postin this is not doing anything. How abt u bring the real crime up and not 2 kids having fun.

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