Democrat Chairman Suleiman Accused of Voter Suppression in Atlantic City

Is Atlantic County Democrat Chairman Michael Suleiman suppressing and ignoring the inner-city vote? Looks that way.

Watch video clips from Atlantic City Democrat Committee meeting of March 8, 2021.

Ugly scheme to ignore & disenfranchise Black & Brown vote in AC….supported by Press of AC & Harry Hurley?

Atlantic City Democrat Committee not happy that Michael Suleiman ignoring wishes of AC Democrats.

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis is also not trusted.

Keith Davis, Harry Hurley and Michael Suleimon support flawed ballot process.

Atlantic City School District Student Abuse Cover-up?

Watch video:

News & Info from Atlantic City

3 thoughts on “Democrat Chairman Suleiman Accused of Voter Suppression in Atlantic City”

  1. John Patti Olive

    Is there any talk on lowering Property Taxes … or … fixing / repaving deplorable
    streets. Is there any talk of decreasing Educational costs which is substandard ….!!!!
    Is there any talk of Merits ? … and achievement ….. and work ethics ….required to get a job
    ,,, Is RACE …!!!! ….the ONLY subject to talk about…..? … Is it really only Black Lives Matter,
    BLM – Rather than … ALL LIVES MATTER …!!!!
    Just thinking out loud….!!!!
    enjoy …!!!

  2. You have misspelled the Democratic Chairman’s name. It is Michael Suleiman.

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