Disrupting Summer With Dredging & Dune Building in Margate, Ventnor & AC

From the recent Margate Commissioner meetings: I remember when they were putting dunes in Ventnor. Hellish noise, night and day. It was like the hammers of hell, pounding away. Could these be the sweet sounds of Summer 2017 in Margate and Ventnor?

Listen to public comments: dredging & dune building from recent Margate City Commissioners meeting.

Those weekend warriors that come down here, who are paying $40-$50,000 dollars in taxes. They want peace and quiet. If you don’t deliver it, your ass is grass.

Rachel Bogoten of Margate: Please consider putting off dune building til after summer. Really grateful for our seasonal residents. If it wasn’t for them paying the freight, and a big share of the taxes, I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford to live here and enjoy what we have all year long. But I’m afraid they’re gonna freak out when  they see the bulldozers and hear the noise.

John Sewell of Margate: You can’t sit on your hands, Go see the Governor. Strongly urge an injunction, or do it at the local level….dirt cheap. File for injunctive relief. Get Congressman Frank Lobiondo of Ventnor, to do a DEP injunction. (Mr. LoBiondo, a resident of Ventnor, has been a vocal supporter of building dunes along Absecon Island)

They can stop a Walmart over a rattle snake…and piping plovers have stopped development. You see far fewer horseshoe crabs…that’s in direct relation to the piping plovers. The sand being dredged…are what the fisheries use as feeding grounds.

From Margate Citizens Questioning the Beach Project :

MYTH: Dunes in Margate would offer substantial added protection in the event of a major storm or hurricane, such as Superstorm Sandy.

REALITY: The vast majority of the damage in Margate from Superstorm Sandy was inflicted upon homes and businesses on the bay, not the beach block. Margate’s bulkheads will not wash away in a major storm…dunes will. Many of the Jersey Shore communities to the north, which suffered extensive damage, do not have bulkheads.



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