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Don’t Count Political Underdogs Out in Atlantic City

Joseph Polillo and Henry Hank Green. Don’t count the political underdogs out quite yet. These persistent little puppies might just bite you in the ass.

In this day and age of elections, almost anything can happen. Once considered last in a field of 17 candidates, the long-shot Donald J. Trump became our 45th President.

Could the same thing happen in Atlantic City? A local candidate, considered a laughable long shot, becoming the next Mayor of Atlantic City?

Most believe it’s a tight battle between AC councilman Frank Gilliam & Mayor Don Guardian. Both have key endorsements, financial footing and a variety of 3rd party efforts to help.

But what about the independent yet persistent duo of Hank & Joey? These two are taking the race seriously, even though mainstream media virtually ignores them.

To be sure, the Atlantic City election can be won or lost with a few hundred votes. That handful of votes can sink an incumbent’s 2nd term, or a strong challenger’s dream of becoming the next Mayor of Atlantic City.

So far, Hank Green and Joey Polillo have made an impact on this race. Mostly by grinding it out on the campaign trail, and addressing topics typically ignored by the front runners.

Crime and taxes in Atlantic City: two issues that plague the current Mayor’s chances for another 4 years.

Mayor Don Guardian’s administration is also burdened by the State takeover and those CRDA shenanigans.

With less than a week before the polls open on NOV 7, watch for a last minute barrage of political attack ads. Cut-throat, nasty, and sadly, some of them true. This will shake up the race even more.

That’s why insiders think Mayor Don Guardian & Councilman Frank Gilliam better have eyes in the back of their heads. Friends and colleagues are warning: ‘don’t get too cocky like Hillary did.’

Hank and Joey are right behind Don & Frank, breathing down their necks and committed to winning. Just like the unlikeliest of candidates, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Think Green & Pollillo can’t win? Same thing was said about the 45th President of the United States.

Fair warning: Hank and Joey are poised to shift a few hundred votes….maybe a thousand votes… in another direction.

At the very least, these independent underdogs will prove that elections have changed forever, even at the local level. Voters are sick of the same ole, same ole. They hate the non-stop attack ads, softball interviews and candidates that struggle to put two words together. Voters shake their head at biased debates and implied endorsements by local newspaper and radio companies.

Like candidate Polillo says…..’just yes them to death…..and vote for me when you get into that private voting booth.’

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