Ducktown Webcaster Opens Can of Whoop Ass on Atlantic City Mayor

The popular Ducktown business owner opened up another can of whoop ass on the Atlantic City Mayor.

On Monday, NOV 28, the Johnny Ex webcast came down justifiably hard on AC Mayor Marty Small. Mr. Ex also took some much deserved shots at those who coddle or donate to Marty Small events or ‘charities’.

Small spent a $1.5 mil grant to personally select and hire an anti-violence team. Salary of $65k per person. One person on that ‘anti-violence team’ is now a fugitive from the law. He may have stabbed someone last week at The Pool Nightclub.

You hang with Marty, you’re gonna get clipped.

Concerned Citizens of AC

Dereliction of duty. He hired criminals. ( His school boss wife, LaQuetta, hired a pedophile teacher )

Go after the landlords. They are the biggest problem in Atlantic City. Meth labs. Not fair to residents, tourists, businesses, kids.

No police detail for the recent Disney show at Boardwalk Hall. But Mayor Small gets personal protection via 5 AC cops.

All South Jersey Shore towns flourish… except Atlantic City.

AC directors do not care. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Turd on the 7th floor.

Critic of AC Mayor Marty Small

Press of AC needs to step up its coverage of these issues. Especially road paving.

7 thoughts on “Ducktown Webcaster Opens Can of Whoop Ass on Atlantic City Mayor”

  1. Marty small need to fix Atlanta city streets, why do he keep giving his criminal friends jobs, why is Atlanta city people keep putting these crooked people in here for mayor. Open your eyes stop voting because of color. The town is losing out, Marty is a gangster,

    1. A colored person can’t even come in your establishment without being discriminated against.. you got the most racist spot in Atlantic City… everything your sayin now is so racist .. shut up fix your own backyard

  2. John. I just watched your video. You hit the nail on the head talking about the traffic lights being out of sync and most importantly, the horrific roads in this city. When visitor’s and tourists come into town, these 2 issues are the first impression while they try to get to there destination. What are the city engineers waiting for? How hard could it be to time a traffic light?

  3. Marty smalls needs to get out of office. I don’t know why the people of Atlantic City keep on voting for him. He does nothing for the people or the city. He just takes and takes and takes. Wake up AC and do the right thing and get him out of office. It would be the best thing for the city.

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