Dumping Small & Tibbitt. Change of Government Petition.

The city clerk of Atlantic City is claiming that petitions submitted by organizers, didn’t have enough valid signatures to force a special election… to change the form of government in AC.

Over 3,000 signatures were submitted. The City claims only 699 were valid.

Bob McDevitt, president of the Local 54 union, is leading the effort to oust AC Mayor Marty Small and Council President George Tibbitt.

McDevitt’s group, Atlantic City Residents for Good Government, will challenge the rejection.

The New York Times: “Marty Small and his family have been living comfortably for decades off the backs of Atlantic City residents,” he said. “The least he could do out of respect to their contributions to his lavish lifestyle is to tell the truth. Of that, he is incapable.” says McDevitt.

Team Small

McDevitt: “We’re not giving up. We’re going to right the wrongs of this city whether the ignoramuses that run it like it or not.”

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Corruption, high taxes, nepotism and poor municipal services in Atlantic City. The same people who have controlled Atlantic City for 30 years. They ravaged the government.

Fun Fact #1: Mayor Mayor Small has quite the checkered past. Allegedly arrested 14 times in his lifetime. No convictions though. Small has often been accused of voter fraud and intimidation.


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