Dunes, Pleasantville Booming, Less Casino Focus. Kevin Hall Show.

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It’s one of the fastest growing Radio programs in the Atlantic City region.  The Kevin Hall Show Program broadcasts every Friday night from 8p-1p on WOND Radio, 1400 am. The dynamic duo of Kevin Hall & Henry Hank Green give voice to issues that affect the Atlantic City regional community.

Click above & listen to a recent segment of the Kevin Hall Show Program. DEC 13, 2016

  • Do we need to spend big bucks on protective dunes? Are they worth it? They kill ocean views, and have become overgrown. In Margate, some are still fighting to stop the potentially harmful dune building on that part of Absecon Island.
  • Pleasantville seems to be booming.  Urban Enterprise Zone.  They make it easy to do business there.
  • Luring new business & industry to Atlantic City. Pauline’s Prairie. Less reliance on gaming & casinos, which only enriches a few.
  • Does South Jersey get it’s fair share of state aid? Does North Jersey get too much attention & financial support?