Epic Fail: Jersey Shore Dune Building in Middle of Summer

Yup, right in the middle of summer. What a stupid time to shut down beaches to build un-needed & un-wanted dunes in Margate & Ventnor.

Are man-made dunes in Margate and Ventnor just a money grabbing scam? Or will these view-killing sand mountains really save lives and property?

Atlantic City board walkers haven’t seen the ocean in decades.

The environmental & tourism nightmare for the other side of Absecon Island has started. The State of NJ has deliver some hulking pipes and heavy diesel equipment to the beach border of Ventnor & Margate.

Margate & Ventnor dredging and dune building is funded by taxpayers, via a Sandy Relief Fund. Locals will be on the hook for portions of future replenishment too.

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