EPIC FAIL. Atlantic City Media: Election, Economy, Public Trust

Listen> ACprimetime RADIO: Can you trust the mainstream media? Nope. Can you trust Facebook? Fake news and inaccurate reporting …..affects not only who’s in the White House……but what outside investors….and visitors….think about Atlantic City.

Will the new Stockton university in Atlantic City…ready for student by FALL 2018.. have plenty of SAFE SPACES available for millenials who are easily offended?

New, bigger, longer… Fortified Boardwalk & inlet seawall. Well on it’s way to completion. Will Atlantic City fishermen still have access to jetties?

That dynamic duo of the airwaves…..representing the community…..Kevin Hall…and Henry Hank Green…of the Kevin Hall Show Program…invited a rising star in the AC journalism community to their friday night radio show…..we’ll play some clips of Christian Hetrick of the Press of AC.

  • AC councilman William Speedy Marsh. They cant fire him from his Pleasantville school facilities director position
  • Congressman Frank Lobiondo had his personal space invaded by a very angry & sad reporter recently. Did this journalist from Philly.com step over the line…..for a non-story?

Is Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian still in charge of his city? Is this bow tied RINO now just a loveable figurehead?

    • Love that crab soup at Back Bay Ale House…. Is there a plan for GardnersBasin yet?
    • Remember Pauline’s prairie?……I see shovels in the ground
    • The DUNES in Atlantic City…..and much of Ventnor…..are growing too high….some private homeowners in Margate are still fighting back….privately
    • Local media and many politicians in Atlantic City spent 18 months taking a big giant steamy…you know what…on Donald Trump, Glen Straub…..& Governor Christie….is it time for payback?

All that & more….as we track the Reinvention of Atlantic City

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