FBI Report: LaQuetta & Marty Small Student Sex Abuse Scandal

Is the Atlantic City school district safe for students? A growing number of parents don’t think so.


During public comment a the recent Atlantic County Commissioners meeting, Mr. Craig Callaway shared grave concerns from local parents. He addressed Commissioners on DEC 21, 2021. See video above.

Callaway described the tragic situation involving child molestation within the Atlantic City school district and elsewhere throughout the county.


Callaway wants Atlantic County commissioners to read the ugly, 95 page, FBI report.

Parents demand an investigation by the NJ Attorney General. Theses are attacks on our children, swept under the rug.

Craig Callaway

Substitute teacher, Kayan Frazier, a relative of Mayor Marty Small and his principal wife Laquetta, was hired by NJ State Child Protective Services AFTER he was caught with elementary school children, multiple times.

Even after being fired, He (Kayan Frazier) still had access to vulnerable Atlantic County children via his new job with the State of NJ Child Protective Services.

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  1. The Governor never does nothing. He font care . He wants a illusion that New Jersey schools are perfect. The Xmalls you can bet had something to do with it.

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