Feedback: Mayor Gilliam’s Las Vegas Weed Research

Gilliam Weed Research in Vegas
Gilliam Weed Research in Vegas

From Isaac Brumer: Mr. Mayor: First up, bravo for engaging people. Before you devote more of your scarce time and energy on legal weed for AC: Did Las Vegas have nothing going for it before it legalized weed? Or was it already a world-class city that people came to visit, live and do business in? 

Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam traveled to Las Vegas to attend a fact-finding trip to gather information about legal weed in another gaming state, Nevada.

Would legal weed be a “nice to have” for AC? Sure. But there are fundamental things that need to be addressed first, like the city’s overall solvency and attractiveness. First up, AC needs to decide who is its clientele and work on making it a city that works for them.

Mayor Gilliam Explores Possibility of Legal Marijuana in Atlantic City

For years, AC keeps dreaming that it’ll attract “millennials”, so it throws a few big shows on the beach. But the rest of the year, AC’s “customers” are not hard to figure out. They’re older. They’re less white. They’re more likely to be not born here. These are the people who see AC as “their place in the sun”. Celebrate them. Promote to them. Make them feel at home. Convince them to rent, buy, build. Convince their kids to stay. To do that, you need a city that’s perceived as safe and fiscally sound, with government that’s responsive. And the city needs to express a spirit of welcome to diversity.

This is what will turn around AC. Weed? (Which is in a temporary state of being technically illegal, but which will eventually be legal EVERYWHERE.) Not so much.

gilliam atlantic city marijuana
THC Frank

From Jacquelyn Williamson: Ok Mayor I know you’re getting all the information that we need to transform our town from Debt vs Debt free Production… No town in NJ. Deserves It more…The Casino closing has hurt us bad…It seems like we were Sold Out , this the Cannabis Industry will change the whole State of New Jersey and surrounding States Economics…

From Valeria J Marcus: Weed; there’s new data it can still be harmful. We must be careful if NJ approves it for pain. A limit how much one can purchase yearly, because prescription weed can affect brains cells for a lifetime.

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THC Frank in Vegas

From Jenn Toland: I could use medical marijuana for my seizures, but it’s not covered by my insurance and it’s expensive to go to a Dr to prescribe it. This would be great for people like me and for our state’s income!

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