Fewer Atlantic City Casino Jobs in 2019

Robust casino employment is a key ingredient in the rejuvenation of Atlantic City. Even with two new properties, AC casino employment was down in Summer 2019, compared to Summer 2018.

Atlantic City casino employment declined over 3%, according to the NJ State Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Part-time, seasonal and on-call employees increased within the Atlantic City casino industry.

Rummy Pandit of the Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism at Stockton agrees…. there’s a drop in full-time employment.

rummy pandit stockton atlantic city
Rummy Pandit

In 2019, Atlantic City has more casino games, hotel rooms, food and beverage options, entertainment and other non-gaming attractions. All of this did not grow the market for Atlantic City. Rather, the new properties (Hard Rock & Ocean) only seemed to cannibalize the others.

Even though Hard Rock and Ocean are amazing properties, total market share of AC casino revenue did not go up.

Even with two new casino properties, the Atlantic City gaming market has shrunk.

According to the Press of Atlantic City: Quarterly reports show a decrease in operating profits across the industry since the two properties opened, a clear signal the market has not grown.

With less operating profits, AC casinos must cut expenses in labor and marketing. Current advertising and marketing efforts not working like before. Lower newspaper circulation and reduction in radio listening, share the blame.

Atlantic City casino employment during off-season… declining faster.

Read more at Press of Atlantic City: Casino employment down over summer 2018


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