Fish Jersey Shore Podcast APRIL 8. Flounder & Party Boats Under Attack

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Bigelow Can’t Count Fish?

SHOW NOTES:  It’s the Fish Jersey shore podcast for the week of April 8, 2017

Fishing, boating, crabbing along South Jersey shore. Atlantic City, Brigantine, Margate, Longport, Ventnor, Somers Point & Absecon. South Jersey party boats and businesses that deal with fishing are under attack by inaccurate, inappropriate and un-needed regulation.

Here are some audio clips from the great SHEP on Fishing radio show…. that very few people get to hear every week…

The Jersey flounder stock assessment is flawed? Can we trust the research boat ‘Bigelow’?

If your livelihood is fishing and boating, you should be concerned about the Bigelow research vessel. Did the Bigelow properly set it’s nets? Poor fishing by the Bigelow…leads to poor data? National Marine fisheries service. NOAA. Will President TRUMP get rid of agencies like these?

Scaring away fishermen, especially the new kids coming up. Scaring away fishermen and families to southern states like Delaware or down to Jeanette’s pier in the Outer Banks where the regulations for fishing are much more measured & appropriate. South Jersey fisherman going inland to fish the rivers, freshwater, trout.

The great Shep on Fishing radio show on WOND radio was another good news / bad news kind of show. The good news is there’s lots of fish out there and spring fishing is starting to heat up. Tog. Sea bass, striper…no blues yet…

The bad news: regulations and too much focus on real estate and casinos has made the fishing and boating industry along the South Jersey shore somewhat of a lower tier priority. Especially around Atlantic City Absecon island, where a recent report told us to take advantage of our waterfront assets because that’s how we can diversify our economy and not rely purely on casino gaming and multi-million dollar waterfront homes.

Robin Scott of Margate shares her thoughts on flounder regulation

Capt. Bob Rush Junior runs the family owned and operated boats out of sea isle city the starfish the big catamaran that 70 foot or being able to have 128 passengers and also runs the Susan Hudson a 55 footer handling 40 people for offshore fishing trips.

New Owner of Captain Andy’s kicked out the TEAL (the re-branded Jessie-O). Party boats have declined, Boat rentals are almost non-existent on Absecon island. Regulations killed boat rental business. Bob: Losing kids learning about boating & fishing.

Capt Bob rush from Sea Isle says over past 30 years, party boats have almost disappeared. At one time, 26 party boats in Cape May County. Now it’s down to nine. In Margate back in the 50’s, 500 rental boats were along Amherst Avenue. Now it’s down to about 20.

Margate used to be a fishing destination. But we sold off street ends and killed public access to fishing.

Sec. of commerce Wilbur Ross is the man that will make or break the 2017 summer flounder fishing season.

18 inches is really tough. Trying to find and land a 19 inch keeper flounder, is virtually impossible. Making matters worse, most of the flounder at this size are breeders. Those are your mama flounder. Flounder that can re-populate the stock. Insane that regulatory agencies are saying it’s okay to keep those fish and flounder that re-supply the stock, the fishery. The females / breeders.

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