Fluke Fishing Best In Years, But Politically Biased Catch Limits Still Hurt Business

robin scott margate fluke flounder

Fluke fishing in South Jersey is hot. The best in years. But did you know that politics plays a major role in your ability to take home a keeper? Good grief. It’s true.

Good questioning from Bucktail Willie, asking outgoing Congressman Frank LoBiondo. Would a Democrat vote to reduce recreational fishing? Others fear that Jeff Van Drew would be more likely to bend to the wishes of radical environmental groups. Listen below.

Lobiondo is not enthusiastic about Republicans holding onto the 2nd district seat that he’s held for decades. Will Frank help make sure a Republican wins that critical Congressional seat in November? Doesn’t sound like he will.

A Democratic majority may not be good news for recreational fishermen.

Robin Scott of Margate opines: she’s ‘not getting the ear of Gov Murphy’ about this fisheries situation. To date, local fishing experts have struggled to build awareness of this vital issue. Are Saturday morning radio shows enough to spread the word?

Take a listen to some clips from the latest ‘Rack n Fin Radio’ and ‘Shep on Fishing’. July 14 2018

Show Notes:

Congressman Pallone fights in Congress for New Jersey’s recreational and commercial fishermen. He has called for flexibility in the timeline of rebuilding fisheries, and pushed for NOAA to use better data and increase transparency when determining fishing quotas. In 2016 and 2017, he successfully helped lead efforts to increase New Jersey’s summer flounder quotas.

  • HR 200 passed the house.
  • Hoping to modernize of Fisheries management.
  • Enviros overly aggressive. Should not be involved.

Local tackle, fishing and boating shops are frustrated. They want more business, but mass marketing to the general public is limited. Most of the marketing efforts are geared towards hardcore anglers. There’s no general mass marketing, proclaiming the excellent fishing that is South Jersey. We guess that old habits die hard. Definition of insanity: repeat the same tactics, but expect different results.

As of July 14, many species are currently catchable in our South Jersey waters. Not all keepers…but your rod will bend for sure.

  • Fluke. Some still in back bays, best season in a while.
  • Trigger Fish. Great eatin’.
  • Snapping Blues. Small but fun to catch.
  • Weakfish. Night time action
  • Sea Robin
  • Sea Bass
  • Kingfish
  • Shark fishing at night

Commercial fishers can take 14 inch fluke. Recreational anglers can only keep 18 inch females/breeders. Must throw back the males up to 18 inches. Many of those thrown back, die. That’s known as ‘mortality rate’.

Local politicians have been kinda quiet on these Jersey fishing issues. That’s a real head scratcher since recreational fishing in South Jersey make up large portion of the economy.

Catch shares. Fear of privatization of fisheries.

117 caught…..but you only get 4 keepers

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