Foley Triggers Atlantic City Mayor During Radio Debate

Small vs Foley

Did you hear the Atlantic City debate between challenger Tom Foley and Mayor Marty Small? On-air shit show.

Listen to WOND radio clips from June 1, 2021:


After the radio debate, Small & Foley almost traded blows. This is what happens when you moderate a political free-for-all, and not a professional debate.

Too often, the WOND Radio lost control of the proceedings as the questionable ‘Pinky Rules’ created confusion and chaos.

WOND radio decided once again to use those so-called Pinky’s Rules, a lazy and really stupid format where the moderator / host avoids preparation or research.

WOND pinky rules marty small tom foley debate
2017 Debate #FAIL

We always liked Pinky Kravitz, who passed a few years back. A pioneer broadcaster who was often called Mr. Atlantic City.

Mayor Marty Small said (in so many words) that child sex abuse in the Atlantic City School District doesn’t matter to the voters. Listen to audio.

Craig Callaway called in. He claims NJ Gov Phil Murphy is blocking the State investigation. Need to dig into MANY MORE ugly facts, like sleep-overs with 5th graders. Fed & State are separate investigations.

Even after being found out, how did Small’s cousin, child predator Kayan Frazier, keep working with kids? Did LaQuetta and Marty Small do enough to protect AC students? Not even a public message or reach-out to calm the fear of parents.

Small says anything and everything. No fact checking. Protect culture. Bully the woke and bumbling radio host.


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3 thoughts on “Foley Triggers Atlantic City Mayor During Radio Debate”

  1. The whole town is criminal. mostly morons who like to be led by a greedy criminal.

  2. Barbara D'Elia

    Student sex abuse in schools should be enough to get Marty Small out of office.

    if people of Atlantic City don’t care about their children, that’s a terrible thing. And I know that’s not true

  3. Barbara D'Elia

    Small like his brain should have never became mayor it’s about time Atlantic City and its citizens got a good mayor a really really good man that’s not a criminal or on the take this is a beautiful city and beautiful people get it together

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