For Police Promotions, AC Mayor Prefers Diversity over Local Residency.


Mayor Marty Small is happy with the diversity in new ACPD promotions. That being said, Small still unable to explain why so few of those 24 promotions, were actual residents of AC. That’s something city law requires.

Just 4 out of 24 ACPD promotions, were given to residents of Atlantic City, says officer Al Herbert of ACPD. Why wasn’t local ordinance adhered to? The promotion process is unclear. Councilman Jesse Kurtz is pushing for answers.

Mayor Small and State of NJ Ignoring Local Atlantic City Ordinance

WOND Radio talks ACPD promotions. 12.9.19

Atlantic City ORDINANCE 56-7. Preference in promotion shall be given to officers and employees who are bona fide residents of the City when promotions are based upon merit as determined by suitable promotion tests or other objective criteria. A resident shall be given preference over a nonresident in any instance when all other measurable criteria are equal. The preference granted herein shall in no way diminish, reduce or affect the preference granted by any other provision of law.

According to Press of Atlantic City, the police department has a total of 57 sergeants, who earn a starting salary of $100,000 per year. Police Benevolent Association Local 24, is engaged in a legal battle with the state to reinstate civil service for its members, citing the uncertainty in regards to how officers are promoted, hired and disciplined.

Residency should be a ‘qualitative advantage’ says Councilman Kurtz. Compel & encourage employees to live in the city.

Lack of compliance & enforcement of city law. Clear as day in our code.

Atlantic City Police Taxpayers

Social Media Feedback: Atlantic City Police Promotions.

Steve Cupani: The so called protections of civil service can be circumvented to suit a political or social agenda when necessary. Like how twisting the rules to not promote the #1 scoring city resident candidate to the Chief position!

Langford promoted the #3 non-resident candidate, Jubilee, on the civil service Chiefs list to Chief. Then later as a “lame duck mayor” going out the door, promoted White (#2 non-resident candidate on the list to Chief)… both times passing over the #1 scoring candidate on the list, Joseph Nolan, a lifelong resident of Atlantic City, who raised his family here and never left the 48 Blocks once for greener pastures, who just happened to be a person of non-color.

The “civil service and city resident preference mantra” rings hollow, it’s only a card that’s pulled out when it suits a political or social agenda to get a friend or family member on the public dole, or promoted.

David Sacks: I pay $27,000 in real estate taxes. If you want to be an Atlantic City police officer, you should live in Atlantic City. Furthermore, I believe those that do live in Atlantic City, should be promoted above somebody that does not…assuming all other qualifications are equal.

Ashley Weisman: Most officers promoted DO NOT LIVE in Atlantic City. Most were hand picked by Chief White and Marty Small as hush hush promotions.

Danene Albertson: I would like to know how the decision was made to promote someone with about 5 years on with very little time spent in patrol. I’ve been a Police dispatcher for 20 years and know first hand that officers with little street experience are not the best decision makers or have knowledge needed to be in charge of other officers with even less experience and knowledge.

Some of these promotions were absolutely earned and are well deserved. But, I firmly believe that this process is flawed. Civil Service should be brought back immediately so there’s little to no questioning about how these promotions are made.

I foresee future litigation. Lack of experience will ultimately lead to bad decisions made and someone getting hurt or killed.

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