Former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian’s Lawsuit Against Toms River.

Don Guardian Atlantic City Toms River Gay

Former Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian, says the City of Toms River did him wrong.

After losing the Mayor’s seat to challenger Frank Gilliam, Guardian needed to find work. Luckily, the bow-tied politician was able to land a well-paid Business Admin position for the City of Toms River, NJ.

Guardian’s appointment technically expired after the term of the mayor who appointed him, Mayor Kelaher, expired. 

The new Mayor of Toms River, Mo Hill, decided Guardian was no longer needed. Guardian then filed a lawsuit. (see below)

Don Guardian alleges former Toms River Mayor, Maurice Hill called Guardian, who is openly gay, a “pillow biter” and made other homophobic remarks. See

See Guardian vs Toms River complaint:


Case Type: Whistleblower / Conscientious Employee Protection Act (Cepa)

The complaint was submitted by attorney Tracy Riley on behalf of Guardian against the Township of Toms River, Mayor Mo Hill and others.

Editors Note: Tracy Riley is currently the Atlantic City Board of Education solicitor.

Will this ugly lawsuit could complicate Guardian’s bid for NJ State office?

Guardian is a RINO, Republican in name only.

Toms River Patriots

Former Toms River Administrator Don Guardian is suing the town, saying he was unfairly removed from his job.

The former Atlantic City Mayor is seeking a NJ Assembly seat in the upcoming November 2021 election.

On June 9, 2020 during zoom meeting, Guardian passed out and suffered a serious medical episode. He was in town hall, conducting a zoom meeting with members of the township council and passed out. Nobody in the meeting realized Guardian was no longer at his desk, participating in the meeting until the meeting was over. Guardian is now recovering from a possible stroke.

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