Former Brigantine Mayor Guenther Considered Weak Candidate for NJ Assembly Seat

Brigantine Phil Guenther ACIT Assembly
Guenther Saddled With Poor Fiscal Management

Former Mayor of Brigantine, Phil Guenther wants to be a NJ Assemblyman. Opponents cite Guenther’s poor track record of fiscal management as one major hurdle he’ll have to overcome.

As supervisor of ACIT, Guenther is facing accusations that he’s in conflict with his full time, school job. Much like former Congressman Frank Lobiondo, Guenther sees no reason for term limits. With less than 25% of Brigantine homeowners able to vote, it’s been easy for Guenther to remain in control of Brigantine.

Former Brigantine Mayor Guenther Considered Weak Candidate for NJ Assembly Seat

Phil Guenther is blamed for blowing a golf course deal with Ron Jaworski.

The former Eagle quarterback wanted to bring his golf marketing expertise to the failing ‘Links at Brigantine’ golf course. This move could have helped diversify Brigantine’s stagnant economy. Jaworski is now bringing arena football to Boardwalk Hall, something that could tie-in nicely to legal sports betting in NJ.

South Jersey GOP’s long, slow decline.

Brigantine’s not so popular ex-mayor, Phil Guenther, aiming for a NJ Assembly seat.

South Jersey GOP Sore Loser rule. Will candidates adhere to that suggested way to play the game? Atlantic County GOP has weak track record in picking candidates that can win. Ex: Hirsh Singh. Former congressman Lobiondo accused of playing role in losing the 2D seat to Democrat Jeff Van Drew.

Van Drew now know as ‘Dr No’. The OC Sentinel skewers Van Drew for his wimpy vote on Nancy Pelosi.

AC Rail Line still shut down. Mazzeo and Armato are demanding answers from Trenton.

Ocean Resort is up for sale again. Marketing of this awesome property was hampered by confusing, often nonexistent advertising. Observers say many exec hires are so-called re-treads. These are key positions filled by the same names and faces, that came from other failing operations.


  1. Singh is solid! Who writes this crap? He trounced 6 out of 8 competitors at 33 and the people love him! Seth had a very smart ground game and took advantage of a very devisive primary where everyone attacked Singh from day 1! Singh would have smoked Van Drew!

  2. Hard to believe South Jersey Republicans think Phil ‘Greenhead’ Guenther can shake his corrupt Brigantine background. As a 50 yr Brig lifer, I’ve seen it all. Guenther is the worst. Dumb as a door knob too.

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