Former Site of Press of Atlantic City Could Grow & Sell Medical Marijuana

Pleasantville City Council approved plans for a medical marijuana dispensary to be built at the former site of The Press of Atlantic City. At the same time, Council voted to prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana throughout the city.

James DiNatale and his ‘Superior Grow Lab’ wants to grow and sell medical marijuana on that parcel of land.

According to Press of Atlantic City: George Miller, an Atlantic City-based attorney and president and co-founder of Superior Grow, said the conference was informative. They were optimistic of their chances at getting one of the medical marijuana licenses. (Miller also has ownership role with Longport Media, a radio group that includes WOND 1400 am)

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy said: “We want to ensure that all qualifying patients who want access to medicinal marijuana, can have it,”

According to Murphy, applicants must operate a dispensary that cultivates and manufactures medical cannabis. The facility can be for-profit or a nonprofit and must file a business plan along with a budget specifying revenues and expenses over five years, the administration said.

The administration says applications would be accepted electronically until Aug. 7. We should know the list of semi-finalists by Nov. 1.

If approved & opened, Superior Grow would only be the second medical marijuana dispensary in Atlantic County. Compassionate Care opened in Egg Harbor Township in 2013. 

Why so few dispensaries? Former Governor Christie was well known for his opposition to legal cannabis. Even medical marijuana was a problem for Christie. Is cannabis too much of a threat to established business? Wine & Spirits? North Jersey Pharmaceutical companies?

From FORBES: Study says CBD From Marijuana Plus Chemotherapy Tripled Cancer Survival Rates In Mice

The State of NJ will issue six new licenses to medicinal marijuana growers and dispensaries. There will likely be hundreds of applicants. Not enough to go around.

Additional buildings and greenhouses might be built. The operation will be hidden and secured by a 10-foot-high fence and trees. Forty full-time employees will be needed.

Benefits of Legal Marijuana:

NOTE: The Murphy administration added five conditions to be eligible for medical marijuana: anxiety, migraines, Tourette’s Syndrome, chronic pain related to muscular-skeletal disorders and chronic visceral pain.

Cancer patients that can’t keep weight on. The use of medicinal marijuana makes it easier to grow an appetite. Maintain a healthy weight.

THC Effective At Controlling Epileptic Seizures

While CBD is the main ingredient in medicine for epileptic seizures a new study shows THC may increase the positive results.

Ernest Coursey, Atlantic County Freeholder – “We have to be careful. Other communities don’t want it.” Mayor Tweedle hopes the freeholders will support Pleasantville and their quest to acquire one of the marijuana licenses.

Narcan is provided for repeat drug users. Methadone clinics. Needle exchanges. Proposed ‘injection sites’. Not likely a weed smoker will move to hard drugs. Pharmaceutical companies want you to think that.

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