Fox Manor, Atlantic City Tourism District Nightmare, to Finally Close.

Fox Manor Hotel CRDA Atlantic City Lance Landgraf
Fox Manor Hotel

It’s about time they bulldozed the Fox Manor Hotel on Pacific Ave in Atlantic City. Well, that’s what we think will soon happen to this once family friendly vacation spot.

What took so long? This obvious, economy stifling nightmare in the AC Tourism District should have been dealt with years ago. But no. Fox Manor Hotel, one of Atlantic City’s most crime-ridden hotels will be officially shut down on Thursday JULY 19.

The once proud Fox Manor on Pacific Avenue will be no more. Dale Finch, Director of Licensing and Inspections for AC made the announcement.

According to BreakingAC, Finch said: “We did what we had to do,” he said. “We’re going to continue to be aggressive with unfit rooming houses, and unfit hotels and motels that act like rooming houses.” Fox Manor has been plagued by drugs and violence, including a shooting in January that wounded a man.

Not surprisingly, AC Mayor Frank Gilliam stepped up to take undeserved credit for this long over-due shut-down. Note: Fox Manor has been under the zoning jurisdiction of the CRDA and Tourism District Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf.

ACPD Chief Henry White says he’s happy the city has taken action. Others question if city leadership really had any jurisdiction this matter. If so, why was Council President Marty Small, Mayor Gilliam, Councilman Tibbitt and others so blind to this well-known Tourism District blight?

Years of illegal activity at the doorstep of Tropicana Casino. 375 police calls to the Fox Manor Hotel just last year, according to records received by BreakingAC from an Open Public Records Act request.

“It’s been a constant problem beyond the code enforcement issues,” Finch said.

Kudos to BreakingAC for covering important stories like these. Mainstream media dropped the ball with this one, not playing the role of citizen watchdog.

2 thoughts on “Fox Manor, Atlantic City Tourism District Nightmare, to Finally Close.”

  1. Hopefully they don’t close the parking lot next door. It is one of the cheapest places to park in Atlantic City. As far as the hotel goes, too bad. Another part of Atlantic City history gone by the wayside.

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