Frank Talk About Atlantic City. King Arthur Podcast, Jan 27, 2018

Frank Talk About Atlantic City
Frank Talk About Atlantic City

Frank Talk with King Arthur WIBG Radio 1-27-18. PART ONE

  • Thong Boy Chris Christie leaves office but not before doing more bad stuff
  • 2% state cap to end
  • Feb 13 public hearing in Atlantic City on 55M deferred health benefits made by former Mayor Guardian; Trying to tax us out of AC
  • Changes Ocean Resorts must make and why Revel failed
  • Indictable offenses made by Guardian, Chisea and Cunningham
  • Don Guardian sold us down the river to get huge job
  • 3rd Ward Atlantic City Councilman Shabazz, where are you?
  • Housing Authority spend over $300K on housing for displaced by fire 292 residents of Jeffries Towers
  • How Long can we live in AC?
  • Emergency services cut in AC
  • NJ-DCA should be charged

Frank Talk with King Arthur WIBG Radio 1-27-18. PART TWO

  • Atlantic City Serious Crime Issues
  • Stockton Students in danger
  • We don’t need to reinvent Atlantic City
  • Chisea who pays the firm? Breakdown of 4M billed
  • No one elected is in charge in Atlantic City any more
  • Russian history reflective of AC now
  • Upcoming Press Conference at Irish Pub “Why is NJ-DCA trying to shut down the Irish Pub?”

ACprimetime Update

  • Michael Einwechter of Ventnor. Puerto Rico Relief Concert. Will justice be served?
  • Mayor Gilliam of Atlantic City and the $10,000 check scandal. Props to Kevin Hall & Henry Hank Green.
  • Student safety at Stockton Carnegie Center. Tennessee Ave Crime and Drug Abuse Services.
  • 167 registered sex offenders in Atlantic City as of Jan 27, 2018
  • Seth Grossman running for Congress or Mayor?

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