Free Access to MLS. Real Estate Facing Greater Disruption

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Nothing worse than paying 6% commission when selling your home, no matter if it was sold for $200,000 or $2 million. While some Realtors already quietly lower their fees, far too many stubbornly hold onto a 6% number they pulled out of their you-know-what.

One unique, proprietary benefit of working with a full priced agent and broker had been the ability to get into the MLS, Multiple Listing Service. ForSalebyOwner disrupted that market monopoly by charging for that specific inclusion.

Today, a company called offers free access to the MLS, which is a paid service on other sites.

Through a simple three-step process, home-sellers create a customized listing for their home with photos. They can even dictate the amount of commission they’re willing to pay.

Listings appear in about a day on the MLS, which is a private database that real estate agents use to market their clients’ homes to other agents, and on popular sites like, Trulia and Zillow. These sites are where house-hunters look first and continuously for the latest listings of houses for sale.

“The popularity of the Do it Yourself (DIY) industry has been a driving force behind’s success as people increasingly take a more hands-on approach to everything from their finances to selling their homes,” said Colby Sambrotto, CEO and founder of

Home-sellers get professional level marketing and guidance. They can reduce commissions paid out by at least 50 percent. On average, sellers can save over $5,000.

Since its inception in 2013 has operated almost exclusively as a business to business model. This new service marks the company’s shift toward providing individual home-sellers with the tools historically only available to institutions. Managers of real estate investments, lenders, and others who oversee portfolios of single-family homes use the site to list homes in local MLS systems, helping to fuel the success of local agents by ensuring a steady flow of homes into the market.

“By blending the savings of a DIY process with the success rates of a more traditional real estate approach, we have truly carved out a new space – aligning the interests of home-sellers while leveraging the strength of buy-side residential agents.”

About is an innovative online service that makes the home-selling process more affordable and effective. lists houses on all the most powerful real estate websites, including the local MLS for free, allowing consumers more control in the home-selling process by choosing their commissions and retaining home equity. has catered to the commercial real estate industry with interstate transaction support since its inception. For more information, visit