Gardner’s Basin, The Hidden Jewel of Atlantic City.

Gardners Basin

From Donna Elias:

We’ve decided to close the “Donna Elias Bayside Gallery & Coastal Gift Shop” that was located at Historic Gardner’s Basin Marine Park in Atlantic City. This was not an easy decision, but the Park’s attendance has been dropping steadily due to years of mismanagement and lack of support from the city of Atlantic City.

And as if this wasn’t bad enough, the State of NJ came in and closed all of the shops in the park’s crafter’s village due to a 40 year old – antiquated – Green Acres rule. This left only two stores in the park, us and the surf shop.

Everyone complained about this but neither the city or state did anything about it. Most of our customers no longer want to visit the park and those that do complain regularly about it’s condition and the lack of shops and attractions.

So while Gardner’s Basin still has two great restaurants (Gilchrists and the Back Bay Ale House) along with fishing and tour boats, the location is no longer right for us.

We live in Atlantic City and have operated our business there since 1988 (our family has had businesses in AC since the 1930’s) so leaving wasn’t easy.

If the city makes improvements, we’d be happy to return. The Basin has great potential as a maritime park, it’s just needs the right vision, management and support.

The good news is we have something great planned for this season and the future…!

Donna Elias Studios – Brigantine Beach Gallery & Gift Shop!

On May 25, 2019 we will be opening Donna Elias’ private studio in Brigantine, New Jersey to the public! Announcing “Donna Elias Studios Brigantine Beach Gallery and Gift Shop!” Donna’s new Beach Gallery will be open on select days all summer long beginning Memorial Day weekend.

The shop is located adjacent to our office and Donna’s studio on 31st Street South in beautiful Brigantine Beach, New Jersey.

This new shop will be full of all Donna’s work, including her Personalized Beach Art, By the Seaside Collection, Great American Lighthouses and lots of other beautiful coastal art, décor and gifts. We’ll also have a great selection of Jersey Shore art and plenty of exclusive Brigantine Beach designs.

The new Gallery will only be open a few days a week to accommodate Donna’s summer tour schedule (more on that tour later). So stay tuned, in April we’ll be posting complete information, along with days and hours of operation. Thanks again and we’ll see you in Brigantine!

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